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Comment Re:I wish they had succeeded (Score 1) 67

It's annoying when sites require a Facebook account to join theirs, Facebook has become an alternate official ID in this country.

This makes implementation easier for other sites, which is actually a good thing. You can make a throwaway facebook account and use it on *all* the sites you would otherwise have to create multiple throwaway accounts for.

I can't control if someone else posts a picture of me on facebook and associates my name with it.

Sounds like it's the someone else who's violating your privacy, not facebook. They could just as easily post the picture on their personal blog (which is a lot of what people use facebook for).

facebook annoys me every night I go to bed and my wife spends the next three hours facebooking people.

Again, that sounds like a relationship issue between you and your wife, not you and facebook. She could easily spend hours playing a mobile game and make you just as upset.

Comment Re:pixel (Score 1) 212

the pixel is the obvious replacement here.

How do you figure? The Pixel is a joke. The "obvious" replacement for the Note7 is the Note5. Here's a list of other phones that have more to offer than the pixel XL:

Nexus 6P: dual front facing speakers, $450

Moto Z: front facing speaker, moto mods, microSD, $700

ZTE Axon 7: dual front facing speakers, microSD, $400

Comment Re:USPS (Score 2) 239

From your CNBC source (I'm not even going to look at the Breitbart one):

Theoretically, these new entrants could include someone who is not born yet. While they have to account for these future liabilities on their financial statements they do not have to fund them if they are not related to their current or former workforce."

This seems to neatly sum up the differing viewpoints on the matter. From what I gather they don't have to start diverting real cash 75 years ahead (your talking point), but when they report the state of their finances they have to assume the liability 75 years ahead. People not born yet are, by law, affecting USPS financial reports.

Comment Re:Didn't this used to be a tech site? (Score 2) 395

Xposed is a good solution, but Amplify would be preferred over Xprivacy if you're more concerned about battery life. You can directly limit Google's alarm to wake up your phone and take location data. I went from thousands of alarms per day from GPServices (by far the top) to a couple hundred (about on par with Tasker) and it massively improves standby battery life.

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