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Comment Re:Stealing phones? (Score 1) 135

Wow... that actually makes it sound worse... "Sell us your phone... and don't worry... we'll just create a database of your name, address, email, CC, DL, fingerprint, and just to be safe... we'll even take a picture to attach to your file..."

Sounds to me more like a great way to build a large database of people that wouldn't normally have things like prints on file.

Comment Re:Still Junk (Score 2) 107

That's funny. My wife and kids have no problem using the Logitech Revue. Granted, they can't find as many shows as I can to stream, but it still works for them. I don't pay for Hulu plus, so that's not an issue for me. The media player also has no problem playing any media file I have on my network. I guess some people just have different experiences?

Comment Re:Google TV problem (Score 0) 107

I have no problem with my Google TV and content. I get a lot from Crackle.com, that's built in. I also know of a website that provides links to almost any show I can think of. This site plays fine on my GoogleTV. I can't stream live TV without getting an HDMI stb for my OTA antennae, but that's not a big deal. I just change the TV to what I want to watch and flip back to GoogleTV for everything else. GoogleTV also is able to play any media file I've got on my network, PS3 and Xbox360 can't do that.

Comment Re:How about going back to flat-rate data? (Score 1) 165

Streaming HD netflix, Blockbuster, and Amazon videos on 3 computers at the same time can easily hit that, all 100% legal, and for roughly $30 average per month. That also does not take into account legal file trading (torrenting Linux OS distros), online gaming, with constant game updates and map downloads, or any other number of legal, and bandwidth intensive, applications.

Comment Re:Give it two to the chest and one to the head... (Score 1) 199

I don't have cable, so couldn't answer that question for sure, but can discuss how it integrates with my TV. The GoogleTV has an IR transmitter built in, and also comes with an extension if needed, to control the device. It may not support all capabilities of the device (doesn't change my TV channel or input, but universal remote doesn't change TV channel either...), but does a pretty good job. Some controls can be manually programmed and the GoogleTV can get some information from the original remote itself.

As I mentioned, I don't use cable (or satellite) for TV. Didn't even have over-the-air TV until a month ago, so it's no big change for me. I use it to stream from various websites.

Comment Re:Give it two to the chest and one to the head... (Score 2) 199

The GoogleTV can do on demand streaming, purchasing and renting videos to stream, AND it integrates with your TV device (cable, satellite, set top box) so that you can watch live TV from those devices with GoogleTV.

Also, if it's available to stream on the internet, you can view it on GoogleTV.
Source: I own a GoogleTV.

Comment Re:Turn off sync (Score 1) 377

Fortunately, the company does not provide me with a cell phone, so I just refuse to pull down email to it. I can also "accidentally" leave my phone at home, and didn't get your call until 8AM Monday morning. Furthermore, I don't get my email on my personal laptop or computer, but I DO get my personal email on my work computer.

Comment Re:Parents (Score 1) 284

It goes even further than that TFS says that the mother thought the magnets would pass without harm! Even if kid goes into siblings room, eats a magnet, then does so a SECOND day, the parent should be taking kid to medical assistance.

On that note, my wife and I are about to have another kid. We don't believe in "baby proofing" the house. The entire dynamic of the house should not change just to suit the smallest. The baby is taught, as it grows, not to do things. "Don't stick a knife in the light socket. It'll hurt." Kid wants to do it anyway, they will find a way. Guess what, it HURTS! They won't do that again (wife's father let them do it once just so they'd see what it was like).

100 years ago, there weren't all these laws and regulations about what you could, and couldn't do. Guess what, kids lived and were happy. They learned what they could and could not do and were stronger people for it. Today we have a society (in America) where people are taught to perform at the lowest level to get by and rely on other people to make your decisions.

Comment Re:And Another Thing ... (Score 2) 532

That's ok, I don't have Cable or Satellite TV for the last year and a half. Got a new TV with tuner built in, so borrowed an antennae from a friend to see if I could get some local channels. Daughter saw locals and says "YAY! We got Cable!" When we told her no, it's over the air, she says "same thing... Do we have Cartoon Network?"

Thinking back though, she's never had over the air, only cable and satellite. It's a shame the things kids have today and don't realize how "bad" we had it as little as 15 years ago.

now get off my lawn....

Comment Re:Or you never visualized them in the first place (Score 1) 845

I know people that do Math that way. I do sometimes, but not always. My wife does it like that all the time.

I think Math would be the ONLY subject I could actually teach in the US public school system. I tutored my mom and step-dad in College Algebra, and my Step-Dad in Calculus. The way I taught was:

1) This is how the book says to do it.
2) This is why it works.
3) This is how you can do it differently and get the same answer.
4) This is why the different way works.

By showing them the way the book said FIRST, they could easily look back and see I'm not full of it. Then after they understand the book way, I showed why it works, so that I could then show them another way. Leading them through the steps to come up with often better and more efficient ways of working a problem type allowed them to come up with their own ideas in how to figure out a problem. My favorite saying about math is:

Math is a language. Learn the language and it's much easier.

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