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Comment Re:Has Wikileaks jumped the shark? (Score 3, Funny) 269

In California, the night before the primary election, there was an announcement on the news that Clinton had won. Guess what, turnout of Democratic electors was lower than expected. And the claim that Clinton had already won: false. Was that false claim an accident? I don't think so.

Maybe that was the Russians too. Man those guys are everywhere.

Comment Re:Payload? (Score 2) 221

I've never owned, much less flown a drone. But I get the impression they just might be able to carry 2 lbs payload. So, say 1 lb low energy explosive (cuz they can't get C4 and such), and 1 lb bbs. Not seeing how that can do much damage, out side of the fear factor.

The whole point of terrorism *is* the fear factor. All someone has to do is pull this stunt on a large mass of people, say a stadium during a sports event, and you will see the US go collectively crazy. If we really had terrorism (hint, we don't) then this would have been done already.

Regarding how little real damage is done, recall that every month cars kill as many people as 9/11 did. Moreover every year illegals kill that many US citizens between murders and alcohol related car crashes. In the US we don't do a good job of evaluating absolute damage or risk. The absolute damage isn't important, just the novelty of it. Bonus points if it shows well on TV.

Comment Re:Good for India (Score 1) 813

The groupthink is to support a set of universal "human rights", with an emphasis on groups at the most disadvantaged end of the scale. This emphasis on universalism has removed any emphasis on the rights of local populations if their rights status is judged "higher" than other groups.

And the calculus of judging rights status of groups is kind of weighted, which is why you see groups who at face seem oppressed (ie, white poor, unemployed Appalachian coal miners) judged as "privileged" by universalists who weight some criteria (like race) as privilege status above others (economic power).

Regional disadvantages are disregarded because privilege and power are aggregated and its presumed that all regional members share these. If the US is a rich country, then all US citizens are presumed to actually possess these privileges, even if specific members of the US don't share any of these.

My observation is that people who don't care about borders or the impact of mass immigration don't care because it will never affect them. Their kids, if they have any, go to private school. They don't live near illegals instead being in very nice, likely gated, communities. Since they are removed from the downsides they then come in on a moral high horse say that we should all be happy to do our part. However they can be so cavalier about it because they have no skin in the game. It's no different from a general telling the privates about to die to be brave and do their duty.

Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 1) 813

Comparing the US to the Swiss is a false equivalency. IMHO, the biggest is that many of the Swiss are distantly related to each other, unlike the US. When half the country is part of your extended biological family, you feel far different towards them than the "melting pot" situation here in the US. I'm not condoning the US's attitude, but it's just a very basic and probably pre-human part of our evolution. All animals are more helpful to fellow family / tribe members.

Add to that the media doing its level best to stir up trouble. My personal theory is that "we are the 99%" scared the powers that be. Their solution was to fragment the 99%, thus BLM got more media attention than Trump. Add to that a steady stream of white privilege crap, throw in some incendiary stories on illegals and you have very successfully fragmented the 99%. Now the 99% squabbles among itself and the 1% continues on unopposed. All the while the middle class continues its steady decline but who cares because we have big issues to discuss, like what a football player does during the national anthem. Ugh...

Comment Re:It can but it won't (Score 1) 121

Why would it be any different than with e.g. a robot that replaces workers. If you have 10 people working at 40 hours, replacing 5 workers by a machines does not mean that they now work each 20 hours at the same pay (minus the cost of the machine).

I think they were talking about government workers, so the math is more like 10 people present for 40 hours but working about 5-10. The goal is to change this to 20 people present for 40 hours but working about 15 min. And they all want to retire at age 40 with full benefits. They never want nor plan on savings.

Comment Re:Not one business to remain! (Score 1) 230

Actually there is a migration out of California among US citizens. While the overall population is growing due to immigration , both illegal and legal, this is a case of losing people that you want and not getting a replacement of equal value. The business climate overall is down for most things. The hubris of California and large cities there like SF, LA, etc is amazing. I look forward to the fall.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 469

I never meant to imply that there couldn't be racism. My point was that these numbers showing racial outcome of a test do not alone do not prove any racism. You actually have to do the work of controlling for competence, rather than simply assuming every population is equally competent.

You assume they are looking for actual answers to real problems. People who cry racism generally to anything they can to avoid an actual discussion with facts and dispassionate analysis. Logic and consistent thinking is not the strong suit of this crowd. On the one hand they want to complain about discrimination but their solution is always more discrimination. The "racism" was predetermined and anything you say contrary just proves how racist you are. It's a modern version of a witch hunt.

Comment Re:Left field / outside the box is American cultur (Score 1) 469

Obviously nothing about being American is genetic - we're a genetic soup, but we have our own culture. Less so now than 40, 60, or 100 years ago

Not only less so than 46, 60, or 100 years ago but diminishing rapidly. Culturally my grandfather would probably not have recognized the US and my dad might not have. There are numerous times I hardly recognize the place. With regards to the topic, it's just the usual blame the white guy. I've seen *far* too many cases of all Asian companies to give much weight to this. When they get some pressure to change then I'll take this complaint seriously. Until then it fits in the bucket of "it's only wrong when a white male does it".

Comment Re: Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 1) 867

Let me guess, you also will be first in line to say that more white people use welfare too right? On a per capita basis white people both use welfare far less as well as have far less drunk driving. In absolute numbers since white people as a group outnumber other groups they commit more incidents of these despite a lower per capita rate. Consider reading up on statistics. After you learn how to write your name of course.

Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 1) 867

This notion couldn't be more incorrect. Illegal immigrant supporters are like gamblers who only tell you about how much they won, not their losses. To be honest if a person has half a brain they could reason that the costs *have* to exceed what minimal sales tax and fake social security number taxes illegals pay. Pro immigrant people ignore the costs of immigrant children, both those born here as "citizens" as well as those who are not citizens. Here is a great paper that lays out the costs as well as the receipts. For California alone we're in the hole by $8.8 Billion (citation below). Texas lost around $10.8 Billion (citation below). Add in the other states and we're probably over $40 billion. Note that both papers show that some taxes were received but they were woefully short of the costs. This doesn't count the human toll as illegal immigrant drunk drivers kill more people than the 9/11 terrorists *every year* (citation below). 9/11 killed 2,996 but illegals kill around 3,000 a year with car drunk/careless driving and another 2,000 by crime. Citations: California costs: http://www.fairus.org/site/doc... Texas costs: http://www.fairus.org/DocServe... Illegal immigrant caused deaths: http://unlicensedtokill.org/

Comment just like every other form of media (Score 0) 429

"More and more of the internet is sitting behind fewer and fewer players, and there are benefits of that, but there are also real risks..."

Every form of media is being centralized so that greater control as well as consistency of message is possible. This is why the nation was better off when one person couldn't own too many media outlets. Deregulation of that was as disastrous as banking deregulation but, as the media will not turn itself in, was not reported on. The noose tightens...

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