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Comment Re:I think (Score 1) 351

Vegas? Pro editing? You're joking, right? Maybe if you think "offline editing" means you turned your camera off. If you're a pro you're cutting with Avid. Period. Premiere Pro or Final Cut will do in a pinch but if you're using Vegas you might as well take your ass back to Youtube. Also, I think it should be pointed out Sony didn't make Vegas, they bought it from Sonic Foundry.

Comment Re:Right on! (Score 1) 364

Actually, CATV stands for Community Antenna Television. Basically a bunch of people going in and getting a big antenna for better reception. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable_television And North America's first cable TV system was actually in a city, not a rural area. Trust me, I live here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guelph_Ontario#History

Comment One Word (Score 1) 1055

Eclipse. I mostly use the usual Java plugins, Flex Builder, PHP development kit, EPIC, PyDEV and it handles the little bit of C/C++ I do without any complaints. If the RIM JDE plugin worked in Linux it'd never get closed.

Comment Daily Lame Workarounds (Score 1) 655

I thought lame workarounds were par for the course when dealing with computers? Here's a list of just a few I go through on a daily basis:
  1. My laptop's external monitor's randr setting is currently --above because --left-of breaks the Intel video driver (Xubuntu 8.1 it caused complaints but worked, 9.04 it's performance is on par with a P-100 sporting a Cirrus 1mb video card)
  2. Every morning I have to open a terminal and ifconfig my network address because Network Manager refuses to save changes (which is a step up from 8.1, which wouldn't even save network settings)
  3. I have my 2 Windows partitions mounted in /media and manually mount external drives there as there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to when (or if) they show up in "Places" or a save as/open dialog.
  4. I don't know what the berry_charge kernel module does, but it doesn't charge a Blackberry so I had to dig out the AC adapter.
  5. When working with vector graphics, I have Illustrator installed in an XP virtual machine. Believe it or not, this is faster and more usable than Inkscape.
  6. If I want to commit, I need to exit and restart Eclipse if it's been open more than 10 minutes otherwise Subversive endlessly claims it's "Running..." while doing nothing
  7. It's nice xfce4-mixer in 9.04 lets me use my scroll wheel on it's icon to raise/lower volume, although I preferred 8.1 letting me use the volume keys on my keyboard

Sure it's a pain and there are many more I'm forgetting, but at least it's not Windows :)

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