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Comment Skipping the basics... (Score 1) 123

Looks like the higher ups at SAP, as with most top managerial types, skipped basic economics class to go snort coke off hookers or something. Because this just raises the cost for anyone doing business with them, but since SAP sets the cost to begin with at whatever they want it offers them nothing. They could've achieved the exact same effect by just charging more for their products to begin with, the end net product is the same. Either their customers will ditch them. or they'll just lower the price back down to what it once was, or they could've just charged more without losing customers to begin with. The only net winner here, as usual, is the lawyers who just charged exorbitant fees for fighting this case.

Comment Paranoia, thy name is nerd (Score 4, Insightful) 110

Police need to have bodycams to protect us!
If the police have bodycams who will protect us!
Everyone should be watched and not watched at all times and simultaneously. Like there has to be an unbroken universal superposition both of surveillance everywhere and nowhere, just in case someone might do something bad with either. Instead of pointing to something and yelling "problem!" and expecting others to solve it, solutions could be presented instead.

Comment Why is this news? (Score 0) 722

Why is this news? Why is it here? This sentence makes even reporting this entirely pointless "The labor group says the results of the two-year pilot program will fail to sway its opposition to a welfare-policy idea that's gaining traction among those looking for an alternative in the post-industrial age."
It's exactly like reporting neo-nazis don't like Jews much. Angrily shouting "Reality won't sway my opinion one way or another!" is the same as stating "I am a non sentient rock!" What, exactly, is the point of reporting, listening to, or acknowleding such an opinion beyond "oh look, a talking rock!"

Comment Stop apologizing (Score 3, Insightful) 292

Please, stop apologizing for this shit: "and that these benefits could be gained without the use of genetic modification."
A. No it can't, selective breeding and direct genetic modification end up with the exact same result, and are both "genetic modifications" by any reasonable definition of the term.
B. This is exactly the same as saying "and these benefits could be gained without the use of wifi!" or "without the use of satellites!" to make "radiation" schizos or flat earthers feel better about themselves. They don't deserve to feel better about themselves; they're crass, ignorant halfwits and don't need their idiotic beliefs affirmed anymore than they already are. And that goes for the stupid assed "gluten free" thing too. Almost no one on earth has celiac disease, and anyone that does can take care of that themselves.
At no point should scientific results be apologetic, the universe doesn't apologize for existing the way it does, and reporting how it exists should need no apology either.

Comment Re:Not a hologram (Score 1) 101

Also known as a variation of "Pepper's Ghost" which has been a stage trick for over a century. That being said I was watching an episode of Futurama from 2012 where Nixon promises to build a border fence (it's a wall) along Mexico and another presidential candidate uses holograms to make public appearances in different places simultaneously. This shit is why the only sci-fi anymore is sci-fantasy or post apocalyptic. Cause as soon as you come up with something sci-fi like that's realistic it's actually just reality 5 years later.

Comment No real questions answered (Score 5, Informative) 124

As usual, new battery announcement, with nonexistent details about real, practical questions that are highly relevant to practical implementation such as: Power density? Battery lifetime? Ease of manufacturing/cost? All of these need to be at least as good as current, top of the line li-on batteries, or it'll die the same death as the previous hundred or so "breakthrough" batteries that have been announced. None of them were so much as mentioned, instead saying (evasively) this uses "real!" lithium metal which "can store twice the power (energy density) of traditional li-on batteries". But can the battery itself store twice the energy density of li-on batteries? And which ones, today's top ones or like, some irrelevant comparison to li-ons from over a decade ago?

Comment 10 Shocking Facts New Science.... (Score 5, Insightful) 139

In other news "new independent measure of hubble constant shows possible difference from previous measurement. Many more measurements and peer review and theory to follow slowly. But this won't give clicks and excitement so we'll exaggerate things as much as possible please click please click please click please..."

Comment To explain... (Score 0) 120

To explain the jingoistic fear mongering carp of a headline, China doesn't have a good banking system and can't because of incredibly overbearing government regulation. Loans to state held companies are held at ridiculously low interest rates on order of the government, money can't move in or out of the country without a lot of trouble, and investment and loans on things other than property are tightly restricted. This allows room for "totally not a bank" banks, aka "Fintech" systems to catch on in the country. Without technically being a "bank" the kind of onerous restrictions and oversight of financial institutions in China can be lessened, allowing people to put, lend, and move around their money more freely than in the formal banking system. Meanwhile in the US, while the Frank-Dodd act is ghastly, overbearing, and so F*ing long no one on earth has actually read the damned thing, much of it falls on smaller banks, aka competition to big banks. Which, thankfully, never the less still have enough comptetition among themselves, and few enough restrictions at least compared to China, that they're actually adapting to the internet and etc. fairly well, leveraging online banking and etc. to keep pace with any fancy schmancy "fintech" firm Silicon Valley et al. can come up with. Meaning, sure, China has a lot more "fintech!" But China NEEDS a lot more fintech, or rather needs less arbitrary government interference that favors the government itself over the people, and fintech can help fill that need. The US, and the rest of the world, doesn't really need "fintech" that much. The banks that exist, whatever their faults, are good enough that fintech isn't going to solve much of their problems.

Comment A stupid idea anyway (Score 1) 210

Hey, newsflash, most people text/use a chat program rather than calling each other because reading something is actually faster than listening to something. If we choose text for interacting with other human beings over voice when given equal opportunity for both then why would we do any different for interacting with a computer?

Comment Morons shouldn't hire lawyers (Score 1) 163

Just a bunch of morons, the law is too undefined to say it's not copyright infringement if the owner of the "legally obtained" motion picture isn't the "private household" using the copy. They'll lose, all the money will go to the lawyers, because "of course" they have a "strong case" that requires equally strong legal fees and a very long drawn out court battle and that'll be 10+ million dollars please and thank you. Of course it wouldn't matter if the words were clearly in favor of the defendant here and done so on a stone tablet from lightning strikes; their opponent is Disney, the corporation able to make entire laws appear out of thin air because they deem it to be so (cough copyright extensions cough).

Comment Re:Well... (Score 2) 225

Let's not forget, the mole people really want that copyright extension to extend to everywhere. Their media empire parts such as Disney love to have permanent control, hell since Stan Lee and George Lucas are still alive they've got at least 70+ years on a lot of Marvel and all of Star Wars. I would of course not like to see the TPP be brought into law. Killing off Dojinshi industry will be bad for us lizard people, our base of operations is shrinking ever more to the mole people, and our last ditch effort with Trump is turning sour. I mean seriously, never trust an owl jew like Trump, will stab you in the back first chance they get!

Comment Another Hollywood diatribe (Score 0) 77

Another bunch of people that sit for hours every year giving each other gold statues for getting paid millions of dollars with the expectation that millions of people will want to watch them do so will go on another rant about how some industry other than theirs (that god forbid does something besides put out two hours of amusement at a time) is secretly "evil" and corrupt and etc etc! And I'm suuuuure that unlike The Big Short, or basically almost any time they try to do technology, they'll stick with actual criticism instead of shifting facts around or just making up straight bullshit to tell a better st- aaaand the book it's based on is a already that. Goodnight folks, nothing to see here!

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