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Comment Re:I'm sure there's a reason... (Score 1) 192

For movies, not much. There's definitely a wow factor in some of them but you quickly forget about it and just enjoy the movie.

After getting used to higher resolution on my desktop and in games I occasionally get distracted by the resolution of 1080p TV and movies. I get used to it for a while then there will be a scene switch or something and I'll get bothered by it. Not as often as the jitter from low frame rate panning though.

Comment Re:What's the role of the drone? (Score 2) 50

They article didn't give any details, but it sounds they hacked the hub the lights connect to, not the lights themselves. They probably had to be on the same wifi network, hence the drone. So if the wifi network was secure this couldn't have happened, but the hub must have some sort of default password or way to take control if you simply have wifi access which isn't good security.

Comment Re:Consider the methodology (Score 1) 232

And I doubt it is very accurate. When people talk about frameworks they often don't even mention the language. Javascript are dominated by frameworks and probably extremely underrepresented using that methodology. At the last conference nearly half the sessions had to do with javascript and there were only a couple C sessions.

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