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Comment Re:It's good to be reminded (Score 1) 187

You can't call someone "intellectual" just for pursuing alien life issue. Humanity has nearly no information on this topic thus most things you can arrive to are either obvious or subtly wrong but not disprovable due to lack of experimental data. There's nearly no possibility to come up with testable hypotheses there and most of work done on the subject is intellectual circlejerk. Thus it's easy avenue for any dumbass who wants to pretend to be an "intellectual". There's simply no conclusion that could end up wrong and foil up their charade.

Comment Re:My business went Linux, then back to Windows (Score 1) 557

Those are old franchises that are "too big to fail". Thus devs there can get away with using non-standard engines that are harder to port. Vast majority of high profile Kickstarded games have linux ports, also many indie ones due to Unity engine being very widespread there. Only matter of time before linux titles will dominate high selling parts too, because today's "bleeding-edge" and "indie" are tomorrow's "mainstream".

Comment Re:Is Microsoft really the one to give orders? (Score 2) 171

Race to the bottom? You say it like it's something bad. It's consequence of competitive market existing. Once computers stop being relative novelty we can expect them to become somewhat longer lasting. Any other outcome is more than unnatural. After all you don't need to replace your hammer or screwdriver every year because it became obsolete. It's just a tool and you keep it as long as it does its job, and computer is in grand scheme of things just a tool too.

Comment Re:Why should anyone trust the report? (Score 1) 404

The problem is that Russian gov didn't in fact try to influence elections in US, it's obvious given that it has nothing to gain by doing so. Especially not against Clintons who have long history of cooperation with Russian oligarchs. DNC just got pwn'd by script kiddies, and they shared recovered info with wikileaks in order to achieve maximum lulz.

Comment Re:I am not going to complain (Score 4, Interesting) 181

If wikipedia becomes a money sink it may compromise its mission. Overfunding is as bad as underfunding since it leads to inefficiency and waste. If they get more donations than their current organizational structure can make use of they should consider re-donating excess to other charities.

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