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Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 2) 237

Sure it could make ripping streams harder but I never understood how DRM could prevent you from reproducing a stream since you have to be able to see and hear it ultimately. Replace ears and eyes with sensors or tap into display and speakers and there you go.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 203

good choice!

this works fine for me with something like: /usr/bin/ionice -c 2 -n 7 /usr/bin/nice -n 5 \ /bin/su qemu -c "qemu-system-x86_64 -m 2048 \
-smp 1 -net nic,model=virtio,macaddr=$MAC_WIN2012 \
-drive file=win2012.0.0.img,index=0,media=disk,cache=none \
-net tap,ifname=${TAP_WIN2012},script=no,downscript=no \
-display vnc=${VNC_WIN2012} -daemonize \
-pidfile /var/run/qemu/ -enable-kvm \
-cdrom /home/win/nobk/windowsDVD/dummy.iso \
-boot menu=on,splash-time=15000"

Comment Re:More Useful Daylight in Summer (Score 1) 228

I like daylight saving for this exact reason - more daylight after work (and no, I can't just change my work schedule to give myself more daylight time in the evenings).

I'd be fine with just settling on daylight savings time year round... no more "spring forward, fall back". I live in Washington state, so during winter it's going to be dark when I'm going to work and when I'm coming home anyway...

But... but... think of the children! They usually get young kids home from school before dark...

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