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Comment Re:Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 1) 353

What the fuck is wrong with you. You think global warming is going to make earth like Venus? Really? Did your mother drop you as a child. Because there is utterly no fucking science behind "be warned ye sinners, or ye be like Venus one day". NO FUCKING SCIENCE AT ALL.

So would you global warming religo nut bars fuck off.

I love global warming. When I was a child here in Montreal, we had cold and permenant snow by the second week of November, and we had the last snow sometime in mid April. Now, 70 years later, I can attest that our first permenant snowfall arrives within 5 days of Christmas (either way), and by end March, it is gone.

Our summers are longer, and warmer. My home heating is down in quantity of fuel used, though the charge for fuel is way up.

Comment Plan for job sharing (Score 1) 904

With robots able to work 24/7, without overtime pay, without pension deductions, without medical contributions, where a floor of 100 robots replaces 1000 workers, the question to answer is "Is there enough jobs to go around after retraining?". If the laied off workers have no money, who will be there to buy your products or services? Answer only a very few.

Car manufacturing is now done more by robots than by humans. 50,000 workers now down to 5000 for the same or improved output.

In the IT industries programming/system design, AI will eliminate many of the jobs. Those countries where the cost of living is so low as to be a poverty wage elsewhere will have the jobs.

I also see people flooding universities, schools, to increase their level of education. I see people who have no skills or having skills that are in abundance, unable to work and they will need not a minimal wage, but a living wage.

I see it with my adult children. They are working harder, and longer and earning comparatively less than what I earned at their age.

The best future job is to save your pennies and invest in real-estate.

Comment Re: Can we see this evidence? (Score 1) 491

The war is not with Russian Hackers but with the likelihood that it was Trump inspired or funded.
The same evidence that Trump has. Who is more crooked? Trump or Hillary. Who has screwed more people? Trump or Hillary? Who has done more for children? Definitely definitely not Trump.

Comment Re:US Post Office always secure. (Score 1) 454

No. Not in Chicago.
Modern system is that you cannot remove ballots from the polling area. However what precinct captains can and sometimes do do is to get a bunch of blank ballots prepunch them. Then meet a person outside give them a prepunched ballot which the person then takes and throws into the ballot box while keeping the blank ballot given him. He then turns it over to the precinct captain who pays him.

That is why it is highly illegal to posses blank ballots.

Where I live we have enumerators come around to each household, and register potential voters. They leave a slip as proof of registration. They also leave info for people who were not home. Around a week later the voter registration list is published, with some instructions explaining to those who were missed, how to register. (Usually at a local school).

Amendments are also made at this second chance.
Forms for siblings to obtain information for parents or family who will be away on voting day are available. Early voting takes place a week early.
When we enter the school gymn (usual voting location), there is a greeter. He directs us the the proper queue (lineup). When we vote, our name is struck from the list, thus preventing double voting. We get around 80% or better turnout.

Comment Re:$$$ Workstations (Score 1) 310

Sees, I just spent $33k for a dual Xeon, 512 GB, and 4 Telsa K40. I suppose that will make up for > 10x standard PCs. I suppose you either need the horsepower, and it's still not enough, or you don't need it at all. I just hope the high end workstations continue to be available; noting Intel stopped their motherboard production.

For me, price is the reason I will not upgrade. I can't see spending $1000 for a desktop cpu that is worth $450 to $500. The CPU chip should not cost more than $100, the motherboard $100, the peripherals 150, and software, perhaps another $50.00

Comment Re:Total BS (Score 1) 191

When I was a kid, 70 years ago, winter storms and cold arrived in the first week of November. We also had much more snow. Winter now arrives after Christmas.

70 years ago, by first week of April, we could say, winter has ended.

I see a one month shift and I also note mich less precipation. Want collaboration of my comment? Ask the ski hill operators.


Comment Re:flip flops (Score 2) 523

As a professional comedian/cartoonist. There is a seriousness inside his joke.
He may or may not be really endorsing any candidate. But using absurdness of endorsing to point out problems.
Over the past generation or so. We have been equating a person's personal ethics and their stance as a human being based on their political and who they vote for.

Studies show that a person's political stance is based on what they grew up with. So if you lived in a republican family with republican friends you will be republican or vice versa. Growing up in such an environment the opposing political party is seen as evil, stupid, or part of some grand conspiracy. So attacks on that candidate of your choosing are usually ignored or considered exaggerated for political reasons. While what they do well, is strongly weighed. Thus making your choice seem perfectly rational.

Now if you are actually a person in the middle, and you observe all these families and lives you find that they are quite similar, have the same problems and often think of the same solution, until the party of their choice states it is different.

While I personally will be voting for Clinton,it isn't because Trump voters are all racists. Nor do I expect the democratic party turn the US into a communist nation.

If I was American, I would vote Democrat. There is a safety rule in politics -- you need checks and balances. If you get a Republican senate, a republican house, and a republican president, what is there to stop them from enacting laws detrimental to the middle or lower class. Obviously, we have already seen laws that favour the super wealthy. What would stop a stupid law of there was a Republican majority as mentioned.

With checks and balances, the president can veto bad legislation, and he can, if he is intelligent (as opposed to clever), work with congress to set the direction for the next term. I believe that a president should be there for 8 years, and only on exception, should he be removed (voluntarily or otherwise, after 4 years).

And with this election, please show me the plans for the next President. The democrats have posted theirs. Possibly the Republicans have also posted theirs, but what about independent Trump, All I hear from the debates is 20 seconds of I will do better, and 100 seconds of side issues, eg blasting Senator Hillary with insults. Take this note with you "She did not get to be senator because of her looks, she earned that right to represent her people". A President is there not to lead, but to represent the people. People who are giving him a mandate to carry out the people's wishes.

Comment Re:What's the point now? (Score 1) 70

What is the difference between a radio button, a toggle representation or a slide to unlock. All do the same thing. Its only the copyright.
On or off can be done horizontally, vertically, by toggle appearance, by radio button, by toggle between adjacent buttons.

There should never be a patent for Apple's image. A on-off is a function, and why should there be a patent if there is a slide switch for it's representation.

I would have Samsung use the slideswitch, and attach a color to it, and a sound. So, if it is on, it's going to show green, and off, will show red or black. There is something wrong in the appeals court thinking.

Comment Re:Hook, line, and sinker (Score 1) 99

ISIS took credit for my stubbed toe last week and these god damn dipshits eat it up ever time. Thanks for being a bunch of fucking gullible retards, America. Begin so incapable of generating even a modicum of rational thought, you deserve every single bad thing that happens to you. Smarten up, you stupid assholes.

ISIS appeals to the obsessive compulsive individuals, who are fully absorbed in their religion, because the religion satisfies a desire to feel good. ISIS makes that individual want to feel great, by doing it's evil deeds. The religion, from what I read, does not tolerate other religions, and thus, there is the motivation to do evil.

Comment Re:Legal stalling (Score 1) 77

With Yahoo circling the drain, doesn't Verizon just have to threaten to draw them into some protracted legal fight about the deal (even if they would eventually lose) until Yahoo is even more broken then they are already?

Suppose Verizon engineered the Hack of Yahoo, so that they get the user list and as many passwords as possible. Now, two years later, they want to benefit once again from their 2014 hack, to try to force to reduce it's price by one billion.

If can do it, they should tell Verizon to go suck a lemon.

Comment Re:Genesis 6:3 NIV (Score 1) 290

Yeah but Genesis 9:29 also says:

And all the days of Noah were nine hundred and fifty years: and he died.

Noah was born pre-Flood. And if you follow the geneologies, they lifespans increasingly shorten with each successive generation; thus not an immediate effect but something that took a few generations to take in.

So I guess the LORD forgot, eh? And don't forget about Adad, Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Shem, Arphaxad, Shelah, Eber, Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor and of course Abraham.

Most of those you quote were Pre-Flood; however, that doesn't change the lifespan curve that occurred post flood. Abram (who could have known Noah as their lifetimes slightly overlapped) made it to 175 (Genesis 25:7). Joseph (3 generations later) only made it to 110. Genesis 50:22-26.

As with Death in Genesis 3, the shorted lifespan did not happen immediately. Could it have? Probably, but that would have had several major consequences:

  • Slower re-population of the earth post-flood
  • Inability to communicate the past to future generations using eye-witnesses that were able to fully establish what actually happened through numerous generations across the vast majority of the populace.

I say that the Calendar, in Noah's time (pre-flood) was using the lunar month as a new year.
So, divide his age by 13.2 and you will arrive at a respectable 65+ age. (Recall-no vaccines or anti-biotics then).
Post flood, the calendar was based on rainy season (two rainy seasons per gregorian year).
Living to 120, was the norm, living beyond was exceptional.
When Moses returned from China, that I believe the modern Biblical calendar was adopted.
Thank you China for the lunar calendar.

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