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Comment Forklift? (Score 1) 36

Will I need to bring over my forklift to get you out of the basement first?

My first impression was that the implied accusation here is that the other person is extremeley fat, but while I would understand how something like a winch could help, how exactly would you operate a forklift in this situation?

Or maybe I read it wrong, and what you mean is that the other person is part of a subculture of basement dwellers (possibly with redneckish undertones) that can be lured out by the promise of showing them a forklift. I could see myself being enticed to get out of my house if someone was coming over to show me their new Dodge Viper, so I guess other people could be into forklifts, especially if they belong to a blue collar class.

Either way, could you clarify? Based on the thread layout, that forklift comment seems like a tipping point and I feel left out of the conversation because I don't fully understand the implications.

Comment Re: BlackBox can actually look pretty neat ... (Score 1) 234

Well at least we're on the same page on this. The OSX look hasn't evolved in over ten years, just like the hardware, Apple makes minuscule changes and people keep paying for the same old dated technology.

It's a free country so it's ok to throw your money out the window, knock yourself out; keep buying their overpriced PC clones that run a watered down Unix clone, but at least don't try to spin this business model of recycling customers and products as if it was a magnificent achievement of engineering. Apple is not a technology company, it's a marketing company.

As for Linux there is a user base that likes to have their system setup their way and never change it, and there's also people who love living on the edge. That's why there's LTS releases and why some people will keep using the same Blackbox interface for 15 years or more (which by he way can be themes and customized to no end and can look pretty sci-fi compared to OOTB). And that's why there's also rolling releases and constant forks and spinoffs (like Cinnamon) and heavily redesigned GUI and GUIs meant to have the same look & feel as Windows or Mac. It's the beauty of the eclectic Linux ecosystem.

What exactly do you gain by buying Apple instead of a generic PC running Linux? Nothing; you have less software options, less customization options, you have planned obsolescence enforced by the vendor as well as by the customers (who wants to prance around at Starbucks with an iPhone 4 or with an old iPad?). And you can't even count on the cool factor anymore because the brand is a has-been heading the way of Blackberry or Palm.

Comment Re: BlackBox can actually look pretty neat ... (Score 1) 234

I'm not sure what is Sierra, but this is the 2015 version of OSX and yes it's pretty much as sophisticated as KDE in 2003.

Sure in KDE there's the "Start" menu, and you're also allowed to have non-blurry fonts, but besides that it's very similar.

Of course according to you one has to be a GUI designer to appreciate the magnificent visual engineering of Apple so we'll never see eye to eye, but here's the thing: even the default GUI in Ubuntu (Unity) looks better than OSX.

Comment Re:virtue signaling (Score 1) 619

Trump wants to exclude everyone except uneducated white men.

"Exclude" from what? See, this is the kind of meaningless accusation that seems to summarize the entire Clinton political platform. Go on, keep repeating this weak propaganda, it just shows that there's so little substance in Clinton's "vision" that your only hope of getting her elected is by default, trying to make people not vote for the other side. Weak.

Comment Re:After ripping BSD they deserve it (Score 1) 234

But for people who can afford high end devices, Apple is not a waste of money only pursued by fashion victims and phonies

Do you even realize how smug this sounds? Here's a reality check for you: no matter the income of the buyer, Apple products are a waste of money because they're not worth the price tag. There's plenty of other products with that kind of bad value for the money; Range Rovers for instance. Doesn't make it any better than paying $20 for a cheeseburger at Mikee Dees.

As for fashion victims, here's a true story. Friend of mine told me she wanted a new laptop and was considering a Macbook. I told her about the limitations, the obsolete hardware, the bad manufacturing, the horrible work conditions of the production line workers, the ridiculous price tag for what she would actually get. She said she understood but would stil buy one because that's what everybody else was using in her yoga class. How many of Apple customers make this kind of decisions? Hint: a lot.

Comment Re: BlackBox can actually look pretty neat ... (Score 1) 234

Well, not to burst your iBubble but OSX today looks like KDE in 2003.

You talk about nicer design and such, but for the most part that's biased bullshit. Have you seen high end Asus ultrabooks for instance?Put that next to a Macbook and immediately you can see it's not even in the same league. Macbook are more in the Chromebook market; a flimsy proprietary gadget that works ok as long as you don't mind the very limited choice of software.

Get real.

Comment Re:If the tables were turned (Score 1) 409

And both candidates aren't "fairly ridiculous", both candidates are extremely ridiculous.

It's like that game, "would you rather...".

-Would you rather get a blood transfusion in a rural hospital in Uganda or get cornea transplant from a bootleg doctor that runs a clinic from his Motel 6 room

-Would you rather sleep with Whoopi Goldberg or the drummer fromThe Hansons

-Would you rather have Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton as a president

Well at least it's not Jeb Bush vs Michelle Obama.

Comment Re:If the tables were turned (Score 1) 409

I suspect that while the most vocal and prolific posters on Slashdot seem to be pro-Democrats, the vast majority of silent readers are more pro-Republicans. Outside of Silicon Valley and NYC, engineers tend to be on the conservative side.

Of course that doesn't mean conservative people are pro-Trump. This election is very testing for voters as both candidates are fairly ridiculous.

Comment Re:virtue signaling (Score 1) 619

We're not talking about someone boycotting a convenience store owned by a convicted pedophile. We're talking about a consulting firm that calls itself "Project Include" who announces that they will not engage in business with startups that have received financial and strategic assistance from a specific startup incubator because one of the members of the board had made a political contribution to a candidate that "Project Include" doesn't like.

What that cunt is trying to do is hold startups hostage until there's enough pressure on YC that they drop a competent and influent member of their board because of his political affiliation. Sure, that consulting firm is a joke and at the core of ther business model is the shaming of organizations that don't agree with their agenda, but still, just the fact that there's potential collateral damage and that they are willing to lead such a witch hunt is disgusting. The fact that their mission is to promote "inclusion" makes it even more repugnant.

If a company was to do the opposite - boycott an organization because some of their board members support Clinton - that same cunt Pao would be the first one to write outraged denunciations on her blog.


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