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Comment Re:Move out to the woods (Score 1) 339

Yeah, that's the problem with guys like the PubMatic guy -- they whine and complain to the government and news outlets that there aren't enough developers in the world. Then, all of a sudden, the media starts putting out stories about a tech shortage, and how salaries for people in tech are on the rise. Meanwhile, the government starts enticing students who lack the aptitude and critical thinking to be able to perform well in software to get degrees in computer science they have no reason having in the first place. So, what happens? More and more kids, with dollar signs in their eyes, enroll in their local universities in order to get a computer science degree. Getting a computer science degree is fine and dandy, but what the market ends up doing is create an oversupply of technical labor; so, you end up having a guy who isn't interested in development in the first place get a piece of paper that's worthless to him since that degree isn't as hot as it was when he first started college. Of course, this gets magnified hundreds of thousands of times over to the point of bubble proportions, but that doesn't matter since PHB at PubMatic has a need right now, and damn the world to Hades if the government and society can't wipe his ass for him.

Comment Re:"Most employers?" "More than enough?" WTF! (Score 1) 339

Yeah, I've worked with a number of programmers at ad agencies who would tell me straight to my face, "I don't need to know math in order to write code!." Come to think of it, there might be something to Kirk McDonald's statement: PubMatic only wants "muppet(s) with a technical degree," and not someone capable of logical and analytical thought. If your employees can't think for themselves, they certainly aren't gonna question the horrible way you manage your company.

Comment Re:Touch down for common sense! (Score -1, Redundant) 207

I'm sure LucasFilm does, which is why Motorola has to pay a license fee to use the term "Droid" for their Android phones. Also, I'm sure Cisco disagrees as well, since Apple pays a license fee for iOS. Granted, the latter is more an issue of trademark, but I'm sure a five-letter work classifies as a name or short phrase that was contained in a publicly-accessible work.

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