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Comment Re:Sorry - whose car is this? (Score 1) 300

I don't think its a licence thing - I think it's an insurance thing.

Tesla provide crash insurance if their software causes an accident. That insurance does not cover the software acting as a Taxi service. If you want to provide a Taxi service you need insurance to cover it. Which they are saying "will come" - but they do not have yet.

Don't think that is anything unusual.

Comment Re: Hello Wine (Score 1) 585

I was talking more about the upstream providers vs the fight for developer time. while there are lots of users on windows - the vast proportion of developers are on either linux or mac as their primary machine.

Linux has dominated server space for a long time. It is now also dominating the machines used by developers.

Windows only = windows only developers = very limited number of developers willing to develop for your platform.

  So "Manufacturers that only supply software that works on Windows and not under WINE"
Are manufacturers that reduce their developer pool to such a small number of developers they will face pretty much guaranteed failure in the not to distant future.

Comment Re: Ready to (Score 1) 280

I'm sure they would rather of said nothing at all, except the typhoons going supersonic kinda attracted attention.

typical classified speak, better say nothing at all than tell the truth and get everybody riled up for war.

At least until the elites decide its time for a war. then they'll say anything to get people excited, even if it's not true.

Comment Re: Ready to (Score 1) 280

aaiui the f35 is designed to fly with drone accompaniment.

the one pilot controlling drones taking on roles like long range comms, target aquisition etc.

impossible to stay stealthy and talk over long range.

so the plane talks with a narrow beam to a drone flying with the plane a few miles away, and any aa targets the drones rather than the f35.

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