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Comment Re:iot toilet seats (Score 1) 66

Actually they may have already got their hand in this.

I currently have a bidet seat on my toilet. A bidet is a device that washes my privates after I do my thing.

This bidet seat does have a microprocessor in it that controls both the heater for the water jet as well as the heater for the air jet used to blow dry my privates.

Right at the moment, I see no reason for this bidet seat to be on line. Perhaps there might be some reason in the future. Oh, it could be something to do with sensing that I have some sort of contagios stomach disease and can page/im DCD or NIH. Be as it may, there is enough real estate inside that bidet seat unit the accomodate either a 4G modem or a WIFI device.

Comment Where can I get wirecutters sharpened??? (Score 1) 40

Here in Bellingham, I cannot find a place where I can get wirecutters sharpened. I wonder if any of these folks here talking about wirecutter know where the New York Times plan to get them sharpened.

Equipment like this one tend to be quite expensive. Have the times figgered out what they will do with the wirecutter becomes dull?

Comment Please Remind Me . . . . (Score 4, Funny) 116


I am a 63 years old young man and I think my brain may need a software upgrade :) Or do I need to step into a Tesla coil and give my self a control alt delete reboot? :)

Who was HP? I have an HP 202C Audio Oscillator. It's one of those instruments that have the tubes (little glass bulbs that glow dimly in the dark) inside it and creates audio tones. I truly wonderful piece of test equipment. :)

Now, please remind me, who are HP now? I don't think they make test equipment; isn't it computers now? Or is it printers? I forgot. Or do they only manufacture layoffs now?

Comment Highest Respect for MITRE (Score 1) 51


MITRE. These people I hold the highest respect for.

One of my former classmates from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Who got FAR better grades that I ever did; and who was near the top of the Engineering class of 1976) is working for them.

I also met some former MITRE folks here in Bellingham whom I immediately knew were very smart in the security field.

If these folks are offering the prize; I know they will be very diligent in assessing the applications.

Comment In Portland, Oregon, you have Movie Madness (Score 1) 187

When I lived in Portland, Oregon, I used Movie Madness on Belmont St. It's the largest video store in the Northwest, if not the entire west coast. If you live in Portland, I highly recommend you use them and drop netflix.

Now that I am retired in Bellingham, Washington, I miss them. Here in Bellingham, we have the Pickford Film Center, which is the only non-chain art cinema north of Seattle in Washington State. Between going there for movies and keeping busy with my multiple hobbies ans sports, I still have not touched any streaming service for entertainment.

The little video that I look at on line is how-to videos on Youtube on doing stuff as welding, sewing, glass engraving, and so on.

'In fact, I have done my own videos on Youtube such as thins one

Comment Most Heartfelt Thanks! (Score 1) 275


I am the person who asked the questions and I wish to thank you all very much for your kind replies and help.

This is a hobby for me. I am a retired engineer from Intel in Portland, Oregon and have moved to Bellingham, Washington.

I don't care how long this will take to learn and execute and I don't care if the first 100 tubes/amplifiers will fail. This is to be a journey for learning for me.

I have been known to make stuff that takes a long time to make and do not have corporate/commercial marketability.

As I have no boyfriend; no girlfriend; no husband; no wife; no kids and no pets; and TV sucks and Hollywood sucks and sports to me is riding a bicycle of kayaking and not watching a bunch of millionaires bashing into each other on a green plastic carpet under bright tv lights; I have the time and my entertainment is myself doing these things.

To tell you the truth; once my journey is over and I have a working amplifier; I will most likely give it away or put it onto the shoulder of the road for free and then move onto the next project. It's the process and not the final item that lures me.

Humbly and respectfully yours,

Mark Allyn Bellingham, Washington

Submission + - Ask Slashdot - Need Help In Making My Own Vacuum Tubes 2

mallyn writes: I hope this is appropriate for a geek forum. I want to try to make my own vacuum tubes. Is there anyone here who has tried DIY vacuum tubes (or valves to you Europeans)? I need help getting started (how to put together the vacuum plumbing system; how to make a glass lathe; what metals to use for the elements (grid, plate, etc). If this is not the correct forum, can anyone please gently push (shove) me into the correct direction? It needs to be on-line as my physical location (Bellingham, Washington) is too far away from the university labs where this type of work is likely to be done.

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