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Comment Cruising above roadways (Score 1) 67

TFA says:

Americans collectively spending 8 billion hours a year stuck in traffic, (...) lifting off and cruising above snarled roadways has considerable appeal.

I suspect that Americans that have to drive to work during congested hours, will not be the ones that can afford a flying car.

Comment Re:jQuery monoculture (Score 1) 34

What are you talking about?

Many web apps will come bundled with jQuery to support older browsers. Even if you do not use it, it is there. You notice it when you try to deploy Content-Security-Policy, because you need script-src: unsafe-inline.

What kind of price will we have to pay?

The usual price of monoculture are security problems. Same software everywhere is a sweet target for attackers.

Comment EU commission and taxes (Score 1) 296

Taxes are member state's business, the EU commission cannot create or standardize them.

OTOH, the EU commission can sue member states for taxes that would distort their beloved holy free market. Hence I understand the point here is to make sure EU commission would not fight taxes incentive against internal combustion engine.

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