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Comment Re:Are two hashes better than one? (Score 1) 124

That's for concatenated hashes. As in, you hash the two hashes to form one number, usually by XOR'ing the numbers together. Which can be shown to increase the solution space considerably.

But that reduced the difficulty of breaking SHA1, since you now just need a collision for the length of a shorter MD5 hash.

Comment Re:Reduce work time (Score 1) 722

where does that money come from?

Profits! Nowadays, low worker's income makes goods and service demand too weak. As a result, investments in real economy have low returns, and investors prefer to invest profits in speculative financial products. But without enough demand from real economy, these investments will bubble and burst, causing yet another financial crisis.

Wealth production is always somehow shared between labor and capital, and if one side takes to much to the other, things go bad. For 30 years, we went too far toward increasing capital's share. See for instance OECD report

Comment Re:Reduce work time (Score 1) 722

I, for one, would believe in the EU as a valid social economic construction when it imposes a 24 hours work week, decreasing by 1 hour every year until full employment is achieved.

I fear you missed the whole point of the EU project: the designers wanted an optimum currency area, and think that the fastest way to achieve it was to destroy any regulation and welfare system.

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