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Comment Re:Holy shit. (Score 1) 500

It's because this isn't even the first time Hillary's questionable choices are silently ignored or forgiven and this is just one more aspect of it. This private server of "convenience" has been chaos and compromise that anyone with fewer clearances get punished far more severely for. The State dept did not have access to the private server. Special Access Program information was found on it, and nobody is quite sure how many other Guccifers out there might have gotten to it. Some of the messages from Hillary's private server weren't getting through to the State dept so they turned off the spam filters. Now it is a scandal of ongoing investigations with the potential for indictment as she presses forward campaigning to be leader of the free world with a policy of Not Being Donald Trump, and the FBI's response is basically "okay she was careless and did do things we normally punish, but we don't recommend indictments anyway". At this point it feels as if the entire government save for a few angry Republicans are looking for ways to excuse, ignore, or make special exceptions for all of the things Hillary has ever done or has been involved with.

Comment Re:Holy shit. (Score 1) 500

Whoops, I should have clarified. I meant that in the context that the State Department didn't have access to her private server. Considering that the private server was said to have less security than a web e-mail service, I don't doubt that foreign intelligence had a shot at the e-mail server.

Comment Re:Holy shit. (Score 2) 500

More or less. Why is the espionage act being used with prejudice against soldiers that take selfies in the wrong places or marines trying to warn comrades of trouble but Comey takes it upon himself to declare that he recommends against indicting Clinton on the grounds that there was no intent? Over a hundred of her "Special Access Program" e-mails got onto a private server that nobody else had access to except herself, Chelsea, and Huma Abedin, the server had to go down at least once on fears that it might have been hacked, and Comey in his own words described how careless and negligent this was, but he couldn't find intent? Why is the FBI granting so much immunity in this case? Why is the FBI negotiating with Clinton and her aides instead of just treating them the way they'd treat anybody else they wanted to confiscate evidence from? And perhaps the most intriguing question: What kind of power does Hillary have over the FBI that they have to tiptoe around this disaster?

Comment Re:Whoopty Doo (Score 1) 843

It's complicated, and some voters aren't even in the same world as you are any longer. For some people this is no longer Democrats vs. Republicans, but establishment vs. anti-establishment. We are at the point that many people both on the left and right feel that voting for the candidate that represents them less is a strategy worth considering out of fear that their own nominee is giving their party cancer.

This election has been so foul that there isn't really a "lesser" evil any longer. The whole "lesser evil" paradigm has been pushed to such an extreme that it's just Evil vs. Evil now and we are looking at a lose-lose situation. During the recent debate did either candidate talk about Citizens United? Which of the major candidates will mean less war, or even if you like war, smarter war? One is a threatening, blood-soaked Secretary of State that never changes and never learns, and the other is a hot head with a fragile ego. Many of the things you fear from Trump, Clinton has already actually done or at least pushed for.

They have both handled their campaigning in perplexingly abrasive ways. While I don't need to waste any time on Trump's "mistakes" because MSM will jackhammer them into the heads of anyone who dares to listen, consider Hillary's. After that controversial primary election that left Sanders' supporters feeling shafted, Hillary did very little to bring them on board, and many of them are young people voting or first time voters, getting this kind of sour experience with the Democratic Party. On the contrary, the convention did everything they could to silence the Sanders wing, and Hillary instead sought to cozy up to Republican donors. While you'd think this is part of that deceitful "triangulation" strategy that her husband made popular, she then went on to call Republican voters a "basket of deplorables." Does she think that her donors alone will get her enough votes?

I suggest that if anyone who doesn't live in a battleground state wants to vote third party, do so. Johnson is on the verge of meeting that arbitrary debate entry percentage, and Stein, who is on the ballot (or can be written in) in all states except Nevada, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, should be qualifying for federal funding at 5%. The electoral college will deliver your state to one of the top dogs even if you convince everyone you know to vote third party. If you do live in a swing state however, well congratulations on holding the power to decide which evil we wind up with.

Comment Re:Criminal (Score 1) 528

While I am no Trump supporter and think he will be a disaster for this country the funny thing is that he's right about sticking to his original behavior and his campaign staffers are wrong. In such frustrating economic circumstances the public is very vulnerable to demagoguery (whether it's blaming immigrants or blaming "privilege") and he charmed a substantial portion of the country with his "alpha male" approach, which if nothing else, should be applauded for eliminating the likes of Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz from this race.

Even more baffling is the mainstream media openly snorting about Trump refusing to pivot, as if the Clinton family treachery of feigning left during the primaries and then running to the right during the general is somehow commendable behavior.

Truly, the country is in a terrible way when Donald Trump manages to be more honest and sincere.

Comment Re:Criminal (Score 1) 528

It will be fine to vote third party of your choice if you don't live in a swing state. All this Prisoner's Dilemma garbage is how the public is continuously convinced to vote against their best interests, and all these years of hoping that things will be better the next election has shown quite the opposite. Also I would humbly disagree that it can't impact the outcome; quite the contrary if the third parties build up enough support, they become bigger thorns in the side of the major parties that have enjoyed a monopoly on their respective wings' votes. Make them compete instead of forcing a sham down our throats every four years.

Comment Re:really want 3rd party (Score 1) 177

Hillary is a DINO that doesn't represent what at bare minimum half liberal voters want, much less many independent voters who are disgusted with both parties. We have two Republican parties running against each other this election, and as a result of the lack of representation, there will be record turnouts for third parties this time around. If it wasn't for Johnson rising on the scene and Hillary's connections putting their thumbs on the scale, the impending "#DemExit" would be a slam dunk for the Republicans.

Comment Re:Which is worse? (Score 1) 1010

The funny thing is I'm sure a lot of the very same people here on Slashdot up in arms over this issue think Assange, Snowden, Manning are heroes for releasing classified information.

...because those are examples of whistleblowers revealing to the American public all the ways the system is corrupt and working against the best interests of its people.

Clinton is currently a major agent of the corrupt system working against the best interests of the people.


As a practical matter neither one has any chance of being prosecuted if for no other reason than to save the country from turmoil (yeah let's indict a major party's candidate in an election year over some relatively minor transgression in the grand scheme of things).

Yet by not indicting her, she is about to power through to the general where Republicans will be able to carpet bomb her with the ammunition this whole fiasco has brought about.

Comment Re:It's amazing she still has defenders (Score 1) 742

Short of Hillary doing even more cheating, Trump has a pretty decent chance of winning thanks to the way the DNC has fractured their party in half. Bernie was treated poorly and the election was railroaded towards an inevitable Hillary win, and as a result some people are pledging to leave the DNC and start a new party, and many want him to run third anyway, while others are preparing to vote Johnson or Stein. Hillary is not even interested in offering any concessions to Sanders supporters, nevermind the fact that many would not trust her to keep her word anyway.

The irony is that so many expected the GOP to be the party that would cheat and pull shenanigans and deny the will of their constituents to avert a Trump nomination, and yet not only did they grudgingly accept it, it was the DNC that behaved more this way, opening the floodgates for all kinds of remarks from the right about commies and Leninists.

Me, at this point I'm cynical enough to assume that the real billionaires such as Charles Koch are going to beat Trump into submission, or make him go away, as things are further railroaded towards Hillary's coronation.

Comment Re:Not two, four to Three (Score 1) 879

There is a huge "Bernie or Bust" demographic of the Sanders campaign that is so disgusted with the dirt on Hillary that they're willing to vote for damn near anyone else (sometimes in sensible ways, sometimes in poorly informed ways). It doesn't help matters that Hillary does not act interested in winning over Sanders supporters, as seen at a recent town hall where when asked the question she simply boasted about how she was the one who was winning. While many democrats will be holding their nose and voting for her, the newer ones and the more resolute ones have vowed that they won't, even if Senator Sanders himself endorses Hillary.

It is looking to be a grim election if it boils down to the choice between a hawkish establishment politician that will push the TPP, and a billionaire (or faux-billionaire depending on who you ask) that complains the Geneva Convention holds back the military's potential brutality.

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