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Comment Re:Does virtual GPU support mean that I'll be able (Score 1) 90

Great! I'll give it a try in VMware when the new kernel is released. I have attempted to run CAD in VMware before and failed miserably with the graphics. I don't mind loading a VM with Windows if that's what it takes, I just don't want to be stuck with Windows as my main OS simply because I need it to run CAD.

Comment I post a lot of useful info on 3D printing forums (Score 1) 477

and it is often met with derision. I used to post on G+ 3D printing but gave up after people complained that the solutions I was posting to problems were all too expensive for people to try despite providing links to inexpensive parts sources and demonstrating the principles I espoused with video, photos, and measured data.

Years ago I developed techniques to fabricate electrostatic loudspeakers very inexpensively and was active in DIY audio forums. It became so ridiculous to try to provide useful info against the people who were shouting about cables and magic rocks, polarity of resistors, and other BS, that I finally gave up.

America has been dumbing down for decades and elevating stupidity to high art. We are stupid and we deserve whatever the politicians we elect do to us.

I'm building my 3rd and last 3D printer now and will soon abandon the forums and move on to some other endeavor.

Comment I had a micromanaging boss at HP once. (Score 5, Funny) 433

We'd have department meetings and no matter what anyone else came up with, his idea was somehow always better. After a while we all just clammed up in the meetings, let him have his say, then we had our own, informal dept meetings without him over lunch. We eventually decided that the best way to get rid of him was to make him look good so he'd get promoted away. It took about 6 months but we made it happen. His boss saw what was going on and asked me about it and I told him the whole thing. My immediate boss ended up getting "promoted" to a position as an "individual contributor".

When they go low, you go high...

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