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Comment I guess 'Giant' is relative (Score 2) 98

From the article :

Modern-day scientists on their own Moby Dick-style search used a submersible to get them into the dark and cold depths of the northern Pacific Ocean, where at around 630 meters they managed to film a three-meter specimen.

Though it also says that the squid was missing it's two longest arms and would have been eight meters long if it was whole...

Comment "Reel-to-reel" for real (Score 4, Interesting) 650

I thought for sure the 'reel-to-reel' in the summary was a joke, but here's a quote from TFA :

And while Mr. Strachmans movies were given to soldiers as a form of charity, studios do send military bases reel-to-reel films, which are much harder to copy, and projectors for the troops overseas.

Comment 10 Second Advantage (Score 1) 199

The 'Science of Sport' blog wrote about this in 2009 : http://www.sportsscientists.com/2009/11/oscar-pistorius-gets-10-second.html Back then, two scientists hired to look at the case found that the artificial limbs would take 10 or more seconds off his 400 meter time. http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2009-11/smu-opa111709.php

Comment Re:solar & wind power (Score 1) 405

I used to dry all my clothes outside on a line. Then I measured how much electricity my electric dryer is using and found it cost around $0.20 to dry my clothes. Now we only use the clothesline for drying sheets. It's not worth my time to hang up an entire load of clothes on the line for $0.20. Raise the cost of electricity and I'll change my mind, until then I'm using the dryer.

Comment Cipher Challenge Site (Score 5, Informative) 95

More details on the challenge (and Colussus) can be found here : http://www.tnmoc.co.uk/cipher1.htm

At the same time as the international team receives the enciphered messages, radio amateurs around the world will be able to receive the same radio broadcasts and try their hand at decrypting it. It will be fascinating to see who completes the job first!

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