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Comment Re:He's making it up as he goes along! (Score 1) 217

No idea if Trump made a deal. That's kind of my point. The twitterer is a journalist so he could at least use some of his journalistic superpowers to find a bit more out. Turns out this is a recycled deal that Intel has trotted out before. Would take a real journalist seconds to check this.

Comment Re:Orders to move on (Score 1) 171

The great Googly Moogly says this:
marching orders
plural noun: marching orders
orders for troops to depart.
"soldiers got their marching orders for 24 hours at the weekend"
a dismissal or sending-off.
"the ref called me over and gave me my marching orders"
Since MS isn't the army, I took it as meaning #2. I have only ever heard it in the context of someone being sacked.

Comment Re:use cases? (Score 1) 143

If I pop a commercial DVD in my DVD drive, Handbrake won't decode it automatically. It relies on a third-party library, libdvdcss_1.4.0, to do that. Handbrake doesn't include decryption libraries to avoid hassles from The Man so they used to tell you to install VLC. Now VLC libraries don't decrypt anymore so you need to get the old decryption library.

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