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Comment Re:Interesting, but... (Score 1) 168

Just put a couple drops of water in.. You can put JUST enough water in to make it come out without making it way too watery..

(As opposed to shampoo, which I think you could water down about 10x and it would still work just as well, from how long the last little bit ends up lasting after adding a bunch of water to it..)

Comment Re:Can Uber really make money at this? (Score 1) 117

Also, selling self driving cars to people is the end game. Getting them on the road as taxis is a stepping point to get public trust.

I think you have this backwards. I admit I'm only one data point. BTW, I have never used Uber/Lyft, and have only been in a taxi once in my life AFAIK (maybe I was when I was too young to remember).

I will gladly give up my car if/when I can get cheap driverless Uber.. i.e. point to point transportation NOW (or very very close to it).

If the cost over a year is less than that of owning a car, great.

Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 357

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.. I only read the summary, and knew about the Mythbusters episode.

I really wonder if the results would be different in areas with protected left turns (that's what they're called). I would not like to live somewhere with significant traffic that didn't have protected left turns. I rarely make a left when it's not a protected left turn, and even when I do, it's usually a mid-block turn and I can see that there's only a car or two to wait for at most before I can turn. (I'd rather have the somewhat predictable "wait for the lights to cycle" than an indeterminate wait for a break in the flow..)

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 238

I mean this literally... other than CAR salespeople, who cares? Every decade or two, when it's time to get a new CAR, I go to the CAR store, and I buy something that they have in stock, within my budget. I couldn't care if it was GASOLINE, DIESEL, or HYBRID powered. A CAR is a CAR is a CAR.

I do. When I got a new car, I was purposely looking for an electric car. However, sort of to your argument, I purposely bought the most utilitarian car (electric smart car). I would have paid something for more range, but the "range anxiety" has mostly not affected me.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 238

I'm not claiming I will get a curved TV, nor do I deny that it's _largely_ a gimmick.

However, don't you agree that, in theory, if you were in the center, a spherical screen around you would be the best experience?

I think that the curved TV gimmick was _attempting_ to go slightly towards that, for the one person in the best viewing spot.

Comment Re:Flappy birds clone (Score 1) 88

Vast majority? How? It gets tons of NEW games each month, and many of those games are simultaneously released new to PC, so they are by definition not "remasters".

(BTW, I 'just' got a PS4, and purposely buy old games myself, and would rather play old/cheap games.. so I wouldn't care if what you said were true.. but it's not.)

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