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Comment Re:I hope Apple Pay will die (Score 1) 289

OK, starting in 2013, merchants could start charging, EXCEPT in 10 states..

from http://business.time.com/2013/...

And there are laws prohibiting these surcharges in 10 states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

So yes, there are laws. Just not federal laws like I had thought.

There ALSO were agreements between the credit card providers and merchants.

Comment Re:I hope Apple Pay will die (Score 1) 289

In the United States, there is exactly such a law. There is a loophole where you can give a "cash discount", but the main posted price has to be the same.. and the only place I've ever actually seen the cash discount used was at some gas stations (back when I was a Luddite and drove a gasoline powered car). Even then, there were other gas stations very close by that were in effect the same price after the cash back (plus you get the convenience of using credit card).

Comment Re:I for one welcome ... (Score 1) 197

It costs less to put information online for free than it does to configure it behind a pay wall.

Sure, as a raw index.html file.. But what about a decent search algorithm, a decent index of issues/stories, etc.? Who pays for that?

(BTW, I don't know if the site behind this particular "pay wall" does have those.. But they're some reasons why it might be even preferable from the end user's standpoint... I say that even though I ALSO think that since my tax money apparently paid for it, it should be freely available.)

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 243

Only if you can get it WITHOUT ADS... and things are available for a LONG time (full seasons available for YEARS).

(yes, technically there are still ads via onscreen bugs, and I have to skip the existing ads with 30 second skip or SkipMode, available on some shows.. but it's still far far far far far better than the forced ads on other services.)

Comment Re:This deal is getting worse the further I read.. (Score 1) 173

The very little bit of research I've done seems to say you need the 'play' versions ('play' is in the name) to do Plex re-encoding. Others can work as media servers if no reencoding is needed. At least based on what I saw on Amazon in the past few days, the non-Play Synology 4 or 5 drive boxes are a bit under $300 at best price, the play ones are a couple hundred more.

Could I stream a non-reencoded HD show to an iPhone or iPad out of the house? At least VLC can play raw MPEG files (the old one, before Dolby Digital support was removed), and there's at least one pay app that can too. Since unfortunately the Tivo streaming/downloading is so broken, I'd think about doing it with Plex if I didn't have to reencode things. (Disclaimer: yes, I know the Tivo Stream hardware does hardware reencoding.. But as I said, I can manually download shows and play them in VLC with no reencoding.)

Comment Re:Hope they get fined big for this (Score 1) 311

I realize this is indirect, and not directly related to switching to chip cards.. The new readers ALSO allow (if the business has the functionality turned on) NFC based payment (e.g. Apple Pay, etc.). With that, the business gets the lower fee version due to lower fraud possibility PLUS it's faster than the insert-chip-card-and-wait, or even the swipe method (due to not having to take out your card).

Comment Re:Thin sucks (Score 1) 135

But I showed you how 'connecting a wire' isn't as foolproof as you think it is.

Plus, using Bluetooth, after setting it up ONCE, is really easy. It auto-reconnects to my car the vast vast vast majority of the time (literally 2-3 times ever it hasn't reconnected).

For my cheap Bluetooth headphones, I usually go through the menus, just so I don't accidentally do the dial (which IIRC is 3 button pushes or something)... but that's a problem with those specific headphones IMHO..

Comment Re:Thin sucks (Score 1) 135

perfectly good 3.5mm jack

You say perfectly good, I say horrible. I use a Bluetooth adapter (under $7 on Amazon, one of the best electronics devices I've ever bought) in my car.. It uses a wire with 3.5mm connections on both ends in between the main electronics chunk that plugs into the USB port in the car (so it has no batteries to charge).. The headphone jack connections get flaky, so I have to wiggle/twist them.

It's not unique to this device either, it's definitely happened to my iPod & iPhone connections over the years (and I'm almost positive Walkman-like devices before that).

BTW, I'm not saying you have to buy expensive headphones either. I have what are to me perfectly usable Bluetooth headphones that were $20. (I also had previously bought ones that _looked_ like the old iPhone earbuds with just a wire between them, and 2 of them broke within weeks.. they were crap)

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