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Comment What's the inbound provisioning? (Score 1) 127

With a combination of 1 Gig and 10 Gig customers, I have to wonder what the inbound provisioning is. For example, if everyone is downloading 1 Gig videos, when will it max out?

I also wonder if this bandwidth is symmetrical. Could he, for example, offer web hosting, for example (maybe paying a little more for a static IP)?

Comment The press will get burned. (Score 1) 357

Suppose you had 30,000 purloined emails, and access to the resources of a major state. A simple disinformation move would be to have minions read them all, and select and modify a tiny number (say, 5 or 10) to become explosive (add a racial slur, a phrase about keeping ill gotten gains, etc.). Make those changes, and then release the whole mess*. Wait for the press to find your land mines, enjoy. Yes, these changes could probably be disproved in court, but that's not the goal of a disinformation campaign.

In this scenario, the press will inevitably become collateral damage, but the perpetrators are not likely to care (and may even view that as a side-benefit).

* If there are integrity checks, such as MD5 sums, either hack them or remove them. I don't think that will hinder anyone with an intelligence agency behind them.

Comment What BS (Score 2) 174

Most "social uprisings" result from unforeseeable impulsive events (like a shooting). How are you going to predict those?

Maybe, just maybe, you could give a weather report like "chance of uprising is X%," but I would want to see some verification of these probabilities (are they better, for example, that just saying that riots are more probable in hot, humid weather than immediately after a snowstorm?).

Comment Many (Score 1) 1042

"Many," as in "not many."

However, I have a simple solution to their problems. All they have to do is to send me all of their money. They don't believe it's real anyway, and I promise to follow the Silicon Valley ethos and only use that fake money to convince more billionaires to give me their fake money too.

Comment Re: Market failure (Score 1) 428

You have no idea what market failure or profiteering look like, do you?

This is not a "market failure". When supply is constricted, prices should go up so the rides go to those who need them most. There are two choices: higher prices, or some sort of rationing. The higher prices are always better for sellers, and usually better for buyers as well.

There is a long history, including in this country, of imposing rationing during and immediately after wide-spread emergencies, even if a form of congestion pricing has to be paid to induce enough people to work in the afflicted area.

Comment No magnetometer (Score 1) 106

that would require Pluto to have a magnetic field -- something that would have been detected during New Horizon's flyby, yet no evidence of one was found.

New Horizons didn't carry a magnetometer, and thus did not provide evidence for Pluto's magnetic field one way or the other.

Comment Doesn't scale. (Score 1) 290

It takes 10 minutes to listen to a 10 minute message, and it is hard to scan them like you can a 20 page report or email. In an 8 hour day, you have time to listen to 48 such messages. If you have to interact with more than 20 or 30 people (direct reports, peers and people you are managing) they simply can't all be sending you 10 minute voice messages once per day. Also, there is the search problem. Have you ever realized that something important was buried in some email, and you have to search through dozens of keywords to find the right one? Now, imagine doing that with a few hundred voice mail messages.

If I worked for her, I would suggest getting a good speech to text system to transcript and index all of the voice messages - that way you could search for things relevant to you.

Comment This needs to be abolished. (Score 1) 166

What you could call criminal civil forfeiture in the United States (specifically, civil forfeiture done by police agencies or prosecutors in response to alleged crimes but without a criminal conviction) is incredibly corrupt and corrrupting and should be abolished completely.

If the State wants to seize someone's assets in response to a crime, let them mount a case and get a criminal conviction. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It boggles my mind that the judicial system in the United States pretends that this simple principle is somehow now obsolete.

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