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Comment Re:Don't understand Trump voters (Score 1) 857

I can see the side of sticking with your party thing and I can see how Trump got chosen, there were just no other candidates who look at all reasonable (not that Trump is, but thats different). It is interesting the huge amount of misinformation, and how readily it seems to be picked up - people are so desperate to stick to the party they convince themselves to believe obvious untruths. I guess it just shows how limiting a two party system is

Comment Re:FBI director (Score 1) 203

I think that is the craziest part, that again the people involved know about, that they can never hope to control all the software in the world. And as much as they can might be able to stop ordinary americans using real encryption they have no chance of stopping the 'terroists' that they claim to be really trying to spy on.

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