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Comment Re:Well, and it was a pig (Score 1) 279

Never took off? I thought it had hundreds of millions of users. In what world is that not taking off?

Where people actually *use* it.

Wait, so because people actually use it, it's not taking off?

Sure, it has millions of users, precisely because google tied it to it's various services.

If I recall, it had 700 million users before Google started tying it to all sorts of services. Though I agree Google does a good job at muddling the real numbers.

But do people actually post on it?

Absolutely. A lot. Every single day. Google+ has become more important than my mailreader.

Do people actually open it and use it to keep in touch with friends and family?

What? Fuck no. I use it to come into contact with complete strangers who share my interests and passions. I keep in touch with friends and family by visiting them.

No, and by your own admission, they couldn't because it gets "pretty heavy" when you keep it open.

Kill the tab and reopen it. It's not that hard. It's just that when chrome starts to seize up, I start to hunt through my tabs to kill any old Google+ tabs I still have open. It loads so much content that it can't possibly be lightweight (though I admit I've never actually measured it).

Fanboy's aside, g+ isn't used

That's the popular talking point by the media and people who don't use it. Seriously, with all the many times that Google+ has been declared dead or a ghost town, you'd almost think somebody is paying to generate bad press.

The reality is that tons of people use it very actively every single day.

and at least part of that blame has to be on the interface.

Perhaps. But then how do you explain the success of Facebook? That interface is far worse.

Comment Re:Well, and it was a pig (Score 1) 279

Some great reasons as to why G+ never took off,

Never took off? I thought it had hundreds of millions of users. In what world is that not taking off?

Go open it up and time how long the damn thing takes to load up.

I've never really had a problem with it. It's not instantaneous, but it's a big thing and gets all the content asynchronously. I don't find it annoyingly slow to start up, and it's pretty fast once it has started up. The only thing is that it gets pretty heavy if you keep it open.

Comment Re:Failure? It's still there. (Score 1) 279

Like it, hate it, or be indifferent to it - your choice. But don't lie about it and claim that it is a total failure at this point. It does still exist, and people still post to it. Just because people don't jump to it with updates every femtosecond on which coffee shop has the best bathroom or other such useless bullshit doesn't mean it has failed.

Quite the contrary, in fact. That people don't post such meaningless garbage is one of the main reasons behind the high quality of content on Google+.

unfortunately you'll need to buy sourceforge in the same offer which is worth vastly more.

Is it still? I thought the new owners were eagerly working on ruining it.

Comment Rise and fall? (Score 1) 279

What evidence is there really of a fall? I know that some media love to bash Google+, and love to proclaim it dead (they've done so since at least 2012), but is Google+ usage actually dropping meaningfully? As far as I can tell, it's as popular as ever among its users, despite Google's attempts to fuck it up.

The fact that Google is going to revert the disastrous Youtube integration is a good thing; the quality of content on Google+ (always its strongest point) can only go up. Google needs to recognize that they've got something that's really good just on its own. There's no need to fuck it up by shoehorning other stuff into it.

Comment Re: Greeks surrender: no restructuring (Score 1) 485

They'll certainly never be able to pay off their debt while they're being subjected to measures that only shrink their economy further.

The austerity was always a bad idea, and the stubborn fools of the Eurogroup would rather kill Greece and lose their money than accept that fact.

A country can't declare bankruptcy, but it can refuse to repay their debts. After all, Germany has gotten away for decades with not paying their debt to Greece.

Comment Re:Not a Canal (Score 1) 107

Interesting stuff!

Mostly forgotten today, but clearly relevant in the past, were distinctions between different natural, open bodies of water. Nowadays most people simply call them "meer" (lake), but when you look at their names and their shapes, you'll see a clear difference between a "meer" (big lake), "poel" (smaller lake, often part of a larger lake complex), "aa" or "ee, depending on region (long, narrow lake), and brekken (small, irregularly shaped).

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