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Comment Re:The Goldman talks... (Score 2, Insightful) 314


They're speeches, just like everyone elses speeches. The real problem is you've been lied to for so long by the fascist power hungry GOP politicians that you've developed a Pavlovian response to say everything Hillary does is bad. It must suck having your head so far up your ass all the time.

Comment Re:The Goldman talks... (Score 3, Funny) 314

Trump can't even cover up his bald head effectively.

Not his fault: he stiffed the rat on his head its paycheck like he's done to so many small businesses, so the rat couldn't eat, and it died. Trumps just too lazy to actually remove the corpse. Which makes it all the rats fault in batshit stupid Trumpland.

Comment Re:Repeat:Where's proof of "dark matter"? (Score 1) 258

I don't know why i bother, as you obviously don't have a living brain cell in your head.

There is currently no testing or experimentation capable to show evidence of dark matter because of the lack of sensitivity of our instrumentation, just like it took 100 years to develop instrumentation sensitive enough to confirm Einstein's gravitational waves. On the other hand.... that piece of shit EU "theory" you have latched onto like a hooker sucking dick HAS been tested through experimentation.... and has been found to not be able to predict a fucking thing correctly.

If you're too fucking stupid to understand that, you probably just need to do the human population a favor and go kill yourself.

Comment Re:Where's proof of "dark matter"? (Score 1) 258

Are you simply a fucking idiot?

If your theory, when tested, does not show evidence for what your theory says MUST be there... you're theory is fucked up. If that same theory says 5 or 10 things CANNOT happen if the theory is correct, and all of those things are ACTUALLY OBSERVED TO HAPPEN..... you're theory is fucked up. If both of those happen, you're theory is FUCKING WRONG, and anyone who still ascribes to it is no longer dealing with science, they're dealing with DOGMA.

Obfuscating and trying to shift the attention to something else when YOU'RE FUCKING WRONG only says you know your theory is bullshit, but for some reason you still want to "believe" in it.

I accept that actual physicists and cosmologists know a he of a lot more than i do, and when EVERY CREDIBLE SCIENTIST IN THE FIELD says something is pseudo-science bullshit, i am much more inclined to accept their opinion... one based on actual knowledge.. than some random idiot on the internet who bought into theory that's been proven wrong, but can't seem to let it go.

You'd be a lot better off in life if you didn't get sucked into fringe crap, and if you were a little less gullible.

Comment Re:Tell us the downsides of it then... apk (Score 1) 258

Ahh yes yes, another person that can't seem to understand how Google works.

The electric universe theory, while more a fringe acid trip than an actual theory, occasionally rears it's misguided head-in-the-sand self from the few people stuck in the 1990's who think their genius was overlooked by all, and if only academia would ignore those other "loser" guys like Einstein, Hubble, well hell, basically ANY actual astronomer or physicist, then they'd rightly get their due.

These guys sum it up pretty well: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/E...

Lets hit the high points of how the EU people solve all their problems:

Einstein's postulates are wrong.[8]
General Relativity (GR) is wrong.[9]
The universe is not expanding.[10]
The electric force travels faster than the speed of light with near infinite velocity.[8]
Gravity has two poles like a bar magnet; dipole gravity.[11]
A plenum of neutrinos forms an all-pervasive aether.[8]
Planets give birth to comets.[12]
Stars do not shine because of internal nuclear fusion caused by gravitational collapse. Rather, they are anodes for galactic discharge currents.[13]
Impact craters on Venus, Mars and the Moon are not caused by impacts, but by electrical discharges.[14] The same applies to the Valles Marineris (a massive canyon on Mars) and the Grand Canyon on Earth.[15]
The Sun is negatively charged, and the solar wind is positively charged -- the two systems forming a giant capacitor (this is James McCanney's particular erroneous belief.)[citation needed]
EU proponents from the Thunderbolts Project claim to have predicted the natures of Pluto and Comet 67P more accurately than NASA or ESA.[16][17]

Science work fairly simply. If you come up with an idea, and can test to show your idea has some validity, other people will look at it as well. When Hannes Alfvén couldn't find the radio emissions that his idea said MUST BE THERE.... that pretty much was cased closed, except for the few who,for some reason, had become so invested in it that they couldn't except that it was flat out wrong.

The downside you ask? Believing total bullshit instead of looking at reality. EU predicts things we've confirmed don't exist, and requires things we actually have confirmed to not exist. The downside... it's just fucking wrong.

Comment Re:So how does this affect the Drake Equation? (Score 1) 258

.... and reiterating the point is apparently needed when people suddenly of themselves as the end-all-be-all of science, who's word is so infallible that foresight and questioning are no longer needed. We have no idea what the next few years may bring in the fields of scientific research, let alone what it will bring 100 years from now. To suggest we do is unfathomably silly and egotistical.

Comment Re:far bigger danger (Score 1) 454

Of course, according to Democrats, Americans are too stupid for that.

No, but we are smart enough to know that if you don't have a problem, then you don't need a solution that causes other problems. We do know for certain though, that republicans are stupid enough to to buy into the bullshit they're fed by the political overlords they're conned into voting for. It must be hell going through life so scared of everything.


Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 867

No, she actually wasn't. You're either too stupid to understand that, or you're to gullible and believe your own bullshit. This is exactly what i've said for the past year.. the only thing the GOP has going for them is stupid people who vote for them. They lie and cheat, then project that onto the democrats.... and their stupid, fucked-in-the-head base laps it up like the mental midgets they are. You've listened to the GOP pundits for a couple decades now undermine the Clintons, and democrats in general, and now you have your head so far up your ass you can't even see reality.

Oh, and that's not actually irony, just an FYI there.

And, as normal, you make stupid assumptions. There are democrats that are useless, annoying, and flat out wrong; the percentage of them to the whole party is far, FAR smaller than the current republican party. Democrats by in large work for the betterment of the people... the GOP pretty much works for themselves to keep power, at the expense of the people.... and nothing else.

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