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Comment Can I see old PICT files again? (Score 2) 66

It will be interesting to see if I can open some of those .pict files I have lying around that don't seem to open on anything anymore.

And what's with the AC's bashing of Jobs and Woz. 2 of the first 4 posts are whining about Apple worship before anything goes up. If you're gonna whine, be a man (or a woman, or something) and get an account, so we can see who you really are. Or, at least, some reasonable facsimile.

Comment Re:Money well spent. (Score 3, Interesting) 341

This has gotten to be standard fare. About 6 or 7 years ago, Wilson NC, fed up with Comcast or some such equally evil monopoly, took the bull by the horns and installed fiber throughout the city and gave everybody 1 Gbit service for $40 a month. Anyhow, the NC legislature, bought and paid for, almost immediately passed a law banning such practices. And that was with a Democrat as Governor, though a very Republican legislature would have overridden if she had the guts to veto. And so we all bent over and let TWC put it to us for another 5 years. When AT&T showed up, things got slightly better. The remote works pretty well now.

Comment Re:You need to have IT person (Score 1) 197

As an older person, who is no longer fully employed, my sense is that BeauHD is also an older person who resents the notion that old people don't keep up with technology and so he posts this as a way of say that just the opposite is true. I neither agree nor disagree. Propensity to code is a trait that you get at birth. You need to find those people when you hire if that's what you want. If you're lucky, they may also be good engineers.

Oh yeah, the other thing is if you find such people when they're young, don't fire them when they reach 50.

Comment Heather, from Account Services (Score 4, Funny) 178

No! No! No! The only time I get a friendly call from a woman is when Heather, from Account Services, calls to offer me help on my credit card debt. I look forward to those calls every day. When I'm in a bad place, Heather calls and I say "Excuse me, I have to take this". And Heather is amazing. She really gets around. She calls from Maine one day and from Arizona the next. Once while talking to Heather on the office phone, she also called my cell. And a different number every time. Amazing woman, that Heather. Please don't take her away. Could it be I'm falling in love?

Comment Re:Fighting it is evil (Score -1, Flamebait) 310

All you nerds seem kind of confused about this repairability stuff. Engineering in the ability for your run of the mill nerd to fix something as complex and crammed together as a modern smartphone is would make the cost skyrocket, the reliability plummet and the size explode. If you want a phone you can fix, go take an electronics course and build one from scratch. Shit, think of the fun you'll have fixin' that sucker every night after supper.

Comment Re:the real reason theyre arguing it. (Score 0) 310

You're full of it. It has nothing to do with brand consumption. The truth is that the tradeoff for cheap, reliable, waterproof and sort of shock resistant is to make things with glue and not with screws. Anybody could make a nice repairable phone with lots of little tiny screws for you to play with and loose as you spent 28 hours replacing a 27 cent component. It's just you'd complain that it was too heavy and expensive and unreliable. The lack of repairability is not some kind of conspiracy. It's just the result of an optimization process to get the most bang for the buck. Sorry, but when one runs that experiment it comes out glue and not screws.

Comment Good Idea! (Score 5, Insightful) 37

Sony was once a technological wonderhaus and then they started buying content. Then the content guys started dictating the technology direction, mostly surrounding protecting their content. The result was that Sony, who invented the walkman, couldn't make a usable iPod competitor.

They should sell Sir Paul his stuff back and go back to being tech wizards.

And maybe Apple should look at Sony before they go down the same path.

Full disclosure: I own stock in both.

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