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Comment existential .. ? (Score 1) 184

It's existential in that it addresses breaking apart the frozen sea inside each person?

Or its highly reflective with a possibility of enabling us to confront our own superficiality?

Oh wait. This is like "existential" according to the Charlie Gibsons and intellectual snobs who don't know what it means to have an existence.

Surely if a lot of money "exists" in my bank account than I'm existential also.

Comment Re:wow, way to limit female opportunities (Score 1) 233

That's where this gets very gray in my opinion.

Typically booth babes don't dress like strippers, but what about a woman in IT who happens to be very good looking?

Can she go as long as she doesn't wear makeup? And if she does are people going to think her and her company are trying to get around the rules?

If so, what's to stop companies from getting very good looking women and just not letting them wear makeup and giving them some minimal instruction in IT?

Like affirmative action this is just too superficial of a requirement to make any meaningful difference.

Comment Why use NYT to keep score? (Score 1) 217

Only 20 to 40% of Americans think the NYTimes is unbiased ... so why are they the score keepers on this.

And why is the premise that unless the government is forking out money Trump had no say in it. This presupposes government corruption is what fuels and improves the economy (when the US became a world power long before there was a FED or any other federal government economic aparatus).

Comment Re:Censorship. (Score 1) 405

A TON of examples.

The Washington Post reported the Kremlin was hacking into voting machines. They later retracted the story and put it on page 3. In fact the FEC contacted voting machines in Georgia during hte 2016 election.

CNN also reported on completely debunked BuzzFeed claims about bizarre sex practices of Donald Trump. It's not that they didn't vet their sources either. Ben Smith, the editor at BuzzFeed claimed the fact that national intelligence agencies were asking about the truth of the source mean they were completely justified in reporting them as news.

In other words we are swimming in political hackery semi-disguised as news, but Daily Mail gets punished for not towing the ideological line.

Comment Re:What's with this fixation? (Score 1) 328

Companies insist programmers are only capable for 15 years after graduation, so they currently have a limited supply.

By having more people who are capable for 15 years they think they'll have more supply, indirectly bringing down price.

A better solution: realize the age discrimination for software developers is just tech shamanism and throw it out the window.

A lot of people refuse to enter or leave the field because they think they can only do it for 10 years.

Comment Why not ban the doxxers? (Score 1) 899

Why not just ban the doxxer instead of the whole sub-reddit?

If alt-right is gertting used as a blanket way to refer to Republicans and/or conservatives, is the government banned too?

It sounds a little ridiculous, but I'm wondering if that is what reddit is doing.

And no, I don't trust reddit to decide what is good and bad for me. It sounds like the "doxxer" was trying to apprehend a criminal ... in which case all the conduct agreements of Reddit are out the window (i.e. I'm not going to follow Reddit anti-dox rules and get thrown into the slammer for aiding and abetting, etc).

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 180

It's hard for people on slashdot who live for pirated episodes of GOTR, philandering with their peers, and fantasizing about building moon bases to understand that life may in fact have something to offer to them personally.

If we're going to put anyone out of their misery it should be the murderers who want to euthanize anything that moves.

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