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Comment Re:Wrong company for the job (Score 1) 292

Really, is an RTOS really required for music and navigation? I don't think so... We have a Subaru WRX STI with the fancy system. It seems to work OK. The nav is a bit wonky but overall it works well enough. The sound is fair too, bit heavy on the bass but considering the general target audience I suspect that to be on purpose. The Bluetooth has mine and my GF phones linked but it grabs her iPhone before my Samsung if we both have BT turned on. If I had bought on of the gen 2 systems I would be looking to get on the lawsuit bandwagon with the other victims of Ford and MS. If my car were fairly new I would simply make them give me the stock head and refund my money. Then go buy a double din head from the likes of say Alpine or Pioneer or what ever gets good reviews for function.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 332

Well it seems that you are the one person in all of the united states that has had nothing but bad interaction with every one the the cops you have been unfortunate enough to meet. Taking this into consideration I will form my opinions about your inter personal skills and leave it at that. On second thought I think it necessary that i spell it out for you. If every person you meet in a uniform is an asshole from the very start then guess what ASSHOLE! That's right ASSHOLE, you are the ASSHOLE!!! I on the other hand have had both good and bad interactions with cops over the years. I also recognize that the job they carry out involves interaction with the bottom 10% of the population. Generally those that would be referred to as the dregs of society. Persons that are criminals and/or just have bad attitudes when forced to act in a manner counter to their own selfish interest and comply to the laws in the state they live in. This I suspect is the category you may fall under if I am generous. I would challenge you to to spend one year in doing their job, dealing with the shit they have to take day in and day out from smart ass ASSHOLES just like you. Dealing with hardened criminals, child molesters, rapists, and spouse abusers. At the end of it come out with less of an attitude than most of them have after a decade or two of the job. Cops don't just up and out of the blue go all shit house crazy like you claim happened to you. In fact I am damned sure that you were not conversational with them before, during, or after. A man does not just go off like you said if you simply stated in a non confrontational manner that you think they are carrying out an illegal action. I call bullshit to your story and the lead up to you getting your ass handed to you. The one thing I am very sure of though is that you will not get in the face of a cop with that "Joe Q Public attitude" again.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 332

Interesting how you are able to recall this with such clarity after getting your ass kicked. I suspect that you recall this through more than a little bit of bias and have twisted it to suit your point of the argument. It is also interesting that you, like so many others stopped at sobriety check points, question the legal validity of said stops. Also, I doubt that you were "conversational" in your protestations. Having been through more than a few of these check points the cops were never assholes. The cops simply did what they needed to do because morons can't get it through their heads that drinking and then driving kills others and that they are basically selfish fucking assholes for doing it. I have met more than a few bad cops in my many interactions with them. Every time I remained calm and respectful regardless of their inappropriate attitude or actions. Two things happened in all the interactions. One, they calmed down and started to act more rationally. Two, they generally either reduced the infraction or charges or outright let me go with a simple warning or admonishment to deal with my issues ASAP or suffer the consequences if they stopped me again. In a number of cases I was in the car with cuffs on. NEVER EVER did I get pissed or mouthy with them. He escalated, you responded and escalated, you got your ass kicked and charged. Cause and effect. What happened to you is totally fucked up and wrong but it happened. The sad part is that all interactions you have with cops now and in the future are tainted by this and all cops are bad no mater what. Good luck with that in the future, it will not serve you to well. This will all be academic in the future as police departments and police unions are forced to implement body cams.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 332

Having both family and friends in law enforcement as well as having worked in law enforcement for a short while I had extensive interaction with all manner of officers. There were a couple of sketchy officers but every other was a good man or woman and did a conscientious job. I have also been on the receiving end of the cops more times than I care to remember as a young man and not but a couple of times did they stray from the letter of the law in their dealings with me. So I would say that I have a better than average view into those doing the job, from both sides. So no that is not from "my ass" The tone of your response would lead me to believe that you think that the vast majority of those in law enforcement are on the take and out to do illegal stuff. If that is your assertion are you simply pulling that out of your ass?

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 332

The vast majority of officers are doing their jobs with no illegal behavior. There is always going to be those bad actors in any department. The majority of the complaints against officers though is very likely to drop for a few simple reasons. The fact that the smarter bad actor officers that were skirting the law are cognizant of the chance of getting caught by said camera now modifying their behavior. The public, now aware that their interactions with officers as well are also being recorded, are not willing to take the chance that they will be found out to be reporting behavior by the officer that simply didn't happen. This is an almost daily happening for departments that have patrolling officers in the inner cities. Most are unfounded and are simply an attempt to get out of a ticket or an arrest. IE: They are trying to game the system. A third reason is that it is very likely that the officers are being far less proactive in their policing duties preferring to be dressed down for being less productive to being beefed, sued, or fired for even a minor infraction at this point. A fourth reason is that the public in these areas is initiating contact with law enforcement less often due to the irrational fear of possible police brutality now instilled in them by the press and their community leaders. Someone once said that "God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal" In this present day it is now the cameras making us equal.

Comment Re:Backwards (Score 5, Insightful) 215

Pardon me for trying to understand your stance on this but are you actually going to tell me that the US, who literally invented the internet under grants from DARPA, was suppressing freedom of speech and the exchange of ideas on the internet? IF so I am pretty sure I can't get my head up my ass far enough to ever see things from your perspective. The control of the internet has now been seeded to the likes of Russia and and China, two of the most active suppressors of free speech and the exchanging of ideas on the planet right now. We will not even begin to touch on the middle eastern dictatorships and their bent on internet "freedom" The real problems are soon to come with the active suppression of domains coming down from the top level DNS servers that are now under the control of foreign actors. This opens up the possibility of site redirection and suppression on a scale that has only been seen thus far in places like China, Russia, and the middle eastern dictatorships. The US is not a perfect steward by any stretch of the imagination to be sure but it was still far better than what is coming down the pipe at us now.

Comment Re:Criminal behavior (Score 1) 84

"...and one of the council members asked other companies for their input on the matter." LOL did you read that before you posted it? I think what you meant to say was that the counsel member that has been in the pocket of the incumbents was told by them to stall the vote and introduce the new bill. AGAIN, this would all be academic if the cities simply owned the last mile and all the players had to pipe their services through the COs where the customer pipes came out of. This is the very bullshit that makes people so fucking pissed at these companies. Internet access is not a hard thing to do and do well. The hard part is fucking the customer so deep and hard and then making the customer think that it feels good!

Comment Re:Durability (Score 1) 111

A hell of an environment to put such a device into and expect that it will maintain the levels of accuracy and reliability attainable here on earth. I suspect that it is another boast in an attempt by the Chinese government to boost their stature in the international scientific community. One good sunspot burst and it is toast, LITERALLY!

Comment Re:Cell Phone (Score 1) 195

Generally not a few hours but... The battery banks that most of the cell sites have are rather large affairs to be honest. At least 1000AH at 48V on the ones I have worked on. Not that it matters at all for the general public since they are put into emergency mode and only available to emergency responders. Also, they are linked via Fibre so that may be lost if above ground and a fair bit of it is. Ham Radio is about the best option for the general public that there is in such cases. In general metropolitan areas your average car transceiver has 50W output, into a good antenna this can translate into the equivalent of at least a couple hundred Watts of power. IE, There is a good chance that you should be able to talk to your loved ones. Allot of the repeaters are likely to have generators with good fuel reserves and you should be able to get a message through that way as well.

Comment Re:Verizon Has Issues (Score 1) 209

Had unlimited on two phones and a data card. I was paying about $215USD a month with 700Min and no text. They jacked it to around $265 a month, I called them and told them to put it back. They said they couldn't . OK, Cancel the data card service, I only use it a few times a year anyway and it was only backup internet connection for the girl friends IT job since she works from home. I also went to a 12GB shared data plan and unlimited talk and text as well as tethering on both phones making the data card unneeded now. The new bill is $134 a month she said. I said how the hell did that work out for you then! We now have $90+ more dollars in our pocket and the greedy fucks at Verizon have me making far more phone calls and spending allot more time on the phone than in the past. I always try to use up as many minutes and far more data than I did in the past just to spite them.

Comment Re:Usenet (Score 1) 92

Time Warner is all digital, the ploy is to force one into renting the box for a few dollars more a month. We have only internet, not paying them for a cable box I don't need for a service I have no desire of There are far to many commercials on cable anyway and the programs are abysmal at this point. I am so done with cable TV. I go to my mother in laws house a couple times a month and a couple of hours of cable programming cures me of any desire I might have for cable TV service. Also, I am grown up and don't lose my phone so there is no need of a land line (VOIP) phone.

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