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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 185

I've had whole series of meetings involving several very senior overpaid staff that ended up with the conclusion we don't need to do actually do anything and don't need any more meetings when that was obvious to anyone with half a brain before the first meeting. And the management then effectively promoted the organiser of those meetings based on the do nothing outcome of organising unneeded meetings not costing us anything to implement...

Comment Re:Options (Score 1) 503

Well said by someone who obviously has every Microsoft certification under the sun but hasn't worked in any large corporate environment or for any company older than 20 years or any company in the Financial sector that have customers and contracts and relationships that can last for several decades most of which are reliant on legacy systems including everything from Mainframes and records that exist nowhere other than microfice to 30 year old bespoke client/server systems with no hope of ever being updated due to low cost/gain ratios for the number of customers and potential processing savings involved. If you have a system that would cost $500k to update/replace but the cost of (not) maintaining that system and manual workarounds for the next 10 years will only be $100k and it still functions and is for a product that doesn't get new sales any more it won't get changed while investments in new systems for attracting new customers will get spend.

Comment Re:Options (Score 5, Insightful) 503

Privacy issues and rollout costs aside, Windows 10 doesn't have the business centric interface that works well in a work environment or sufficient compatibility with large amounts of legacy in house and third party applications that are business critical. Nor do most of the existing infrastructure and software management systems currently embedded in most medium to large companies work well with it. Most of these companies already have appropriate mitigations against malware, including desktop virus scanners, firewall controls including in-line scanning and content (executable) blocking, email scanning and filtering, backups, user access controls and active intrusion detection.

Not to mention that most businesses would need to embark on a large scale hardware upgrade program to make windows 10 usable due to the lack of support for older hardware.

Comment Re:False premise (Score 2) 501

And the processor / motherboard / graphics card marketplace for medium to high end users has never been stronger. There is more choice out there than there has been for decades. Just because the pre-assembled / convenience / low end / basic consumer marketplace is tending towards being locked down for the convenience of the manufacturers that target that demographic doesn't mean everyone is going down that path.

That's like saying the car industry is dead due to the rise in air travel.

Comment Re:Anyone expected Google to accept EU's assertion (Score 2) 75

When searching for a specific branded product by name and model number, as I need to make am exact like for like replacement, and the first 6 results are for the competitors of the product I searched for, instead of stores selling the specific thing I want, I can't see how this is can be called anything even close to "improving" the results.

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