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Comment Re:So how does this affect the Drake Equation? (Score 1) 258

The probability of life in the universe goes up if the size of the universe goes up, but the probability of finding other life forms doesn't increase since they can't pass the Hubble limit either.

But the Drake equations themselves are bogus because adding time to probability is like dividing by zero.
The law of large numbers states that anything happens given enough rolls of the dice.
If you want to calculate _probability_ correctly, do so without adding in time or a bazillion "events."
If there are 10 to the twenty-fourth number of stars in the universe, then for life to be unique to Earth only requires 24 events in a row, each with a one-tenth chance of occurring.

If we're going to be guessing anyway, we should at least try to use the mathematical tools correctly.

Comment Re:Well, no crap (Score 1) 219

Most people stop learning after graduating from school since learning is a requirement only for school. Learning is a lifelong pursuit. A requirement for a long career in the technical fields.

I read someplace that after college 40% (or maybe it was 60%) said they were never going to read a book again.
Kind of reminds me of the old conservatives who say they haven't changed their minds in 40 years, which to me means they haven't learned anything new in 40 years.

Comment Re:Wisdom of the elders (Score 1) 184

The only elders I have found to be wise were already pretty smart when they we much younger. There are plenty of elders out there who are the same dumbasses that they always have been.

That's what I've seen. You can be a geezer at any age.
And there seems to be a whole political party built from people who proudly say they haven't changed their opinion (learned anything new) in 40 years. That means those people know exactly the same stuff at age 60 that they "learned" at age 20.

Comment Citibank does ok. (Score 2) 385

I let Citibank manage it.
It ain't perfect but they have about as much interest in it that I do, on a statistacial basis. In a very personal perspecitve, it may seem like they don't give a shit. But thinkg about it. It ain't worth spending 1% of your money to stop thieves from stealing 0.5% of your money, just like it ain't worth crawling under a car for a dime or quarter or dollar you dropped in the parking lot (depending on circumstances).

Problem with perspective is that the folks stealing from citibank aren't stealing 0.5 % from each customer, which would be "allowed" or ignored at least, they are stealing everything (identity theft and all bank accounts) from 118 specific people--who are really pissed off for excellent reasons.

Comment Re:It's one study... (Score 1) 49

In real life, you might want to exercise caution in believing in the outcome, but if you're worried about dementia, seems to me practicing brain games miy help and is at worst a waste of time, and probably less of a waste than watching television or surfing uToob. It's not gonna hurt (unlike some of the restrictive diets which cause you to lose weight thru bad nutrition).

Submission + - $5000 Student Loans Default the Most (

minstrelmike writes: You can read horror stories about people with $150,000 student loans, but they aren't the ones with the most problems. The "typical for-profit student is a 24-year-old from a first-generation family earning less than $40,000, who eventually drops out of school. The completion rates for two-year and four-year for-profit institutions is about 40 percent and 25 percent, respectively." These are the people most at risk of default.

Comment Re:They sound completely insane (Score 1) 328

Actually, both Christianity and Islam are evolving. It's just that only the fundamentalists make the news. When we Americans read about idiot fundamentalist Christian sects, we write them off as wack jobs since we know 'regular' Christians don't do that. It's the same in Muslim countries.
But when we Americans read about fundamental Muslims in other places, we assume they speak for all the billion Muslims in the world. (All the refugees that are abandoning ISI are Muslims, too).

There are 950 different Christian sects and 700 different Islamic ones. Both the Amish and the Catholics think they are the one true religion.

Comment Re:Private Company (Score 2) 293

The only really scary thing here is the fact that "two thirds of Americans get their news from social media". No wonder the country is so fucked up.

Before the internet, most people got their "news" from rags like the National Enquirer and New of the World--the top selling newspapers in America. Being stupid and being mis-informed isn't new and it isn't happening because of the internet or the world wide web or facebook or that new-fangled thang called electricity. Entertainment attracts more people than information does.

Comment Re:Yeah, this plan (Score 1) 263

...reminds me of those people who drive what is clearly a 5 or 6 thousand dollar value used van/truck through the front of a quikie-mart so they can steal the mini-ATM that probably only has a couple of thousand in cash (max) at any given time. Real profitable. Dumb Ass!

If the van is stolen, it's probly only worth a few hundred at most.

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