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Comment Re:Oh good, let's have a debate (Score 4, Insightful) 171

Choice is not censorship. As far as I can tell, Wikimedia is considering to add the option for users to block images that have been flagged as potentially offensive. Since Wikipedia covers many aspects of humanity, some of them scary, it makes sense to enable users to filter some of the more graphic aspects of this. Remember, the articles themselves will not be blocked. I think this would make Wikipedia more useful for kids that might not have the tools to deal with looking straight into another person's guts just because their reading up on surgery.

Many other sites, such as DeviantArt, block nudity by default, and to view it you must register an account and turn the filter off. Even though this is opt-out and a bit extreme, calling the practice censorship is ridiculous.

Comment Re:Google letting me down (Score 1) 385

I was just thinking the same thing, so I can sympathize with your righteous anger. It would be awesome to have a quick overview of which keywords actually appear on the page for each search result, other than the summary which may or may not include those words. For example, if I search for "canon pixma linux", a page that contains "canon" and "pixma" but not "linux" could be marked "-linux" in the big empty space beside the summary.

Comment Re:Really, Really, Really Bad Idea (Score 1) 417

You can bring forth the location bar by activating the tab space. Presumably it will also appear by pressing F6 or Ctrl+L. Then you can type in an URL or search phrase just like before. This does not require any extra clicks. But it does imply that you're not clicking the address bar itself, which might be confusing interface-wise, but offers other advantages. (One advantage is that the location bar will be more narrow, meaning that Privacy, Bookmark and Search controls will be easier to spot.)

I agree that it is useful to keep an eye on the location bar. In fact I will most probably keep the location bar with my configuration, just as I activate it in file managers that hide them by default. But I firmly believe that most people will find Chrome's new interface to be much better, if they implement it. I highly doubt that Joe Average regularly checks the URL for possible phishy business, or that he even can tell it apart from a legitimate URL. That's what phishing filters are for.

What Chrome needs now is a visual switch between search engines. Keywords are great (although they could do with some improvement, Konqueror style), but most people have a hard time typing and looking at the screen at the same time. These are the same people that will never install an extension for their browser, so in the name of tech-illiterates everywhere I demand a Search Switcher!

Comment The value of self-esteem (Score 1) 417

This is brilliant. It is so much more elegant. It shows you exactly what you need to see when you need to see it, the rest of the time you don't have to bother.

I want it widely known that I have some blueprints for this EXACT design that I came up with in 2009, for Firefox 4. Google should pay me! Not that I ever published anything at the time, because my real friends laughed at me and I was afraid you internet people would too, but I can see now that the tables have turned.

Comment Re:Being able to purchase MP3s is nothing new (Score 1) 95

"But it's not a thread about new functionality, it's a thread about new features leading to a presumed new attempt to compete with Apple's music ecosystem."

And that's why the summary points out that Spotify is now cloning some iTunes features, such as iPod syncing and one-click playlist purchasing.

Comment Re:Yeah! ... The Almighty buck is no more! (Score 1) 519

Iran is already moving over from dollar to euro.

And as an off topic side note, because the economic sanctions recently were extended to stop bank transactions to and from Iran, they are now exchanging their oil for literally boatloads of paper money. Ships come in stuffed with €500 bills (I proudly have one of those in my possession), and Iranian companies that do business with other nations such as China must send employees over with €10000 each. Sometimes the West is really picky with what dictatorships they give their full support, and which ones they really like to stick it to.

Comment Re:Next time... (Score 1) 529

FYI abortions are legal for any reason, practically free of charge, until the 18th month of pregnancy in Sweden. Sweden is also one of the least religious countries in the world. I strongly doubt that, even if she is a Christian, she has any religious concerns about abortions. She may have medical and moral concerns nonetheless: abortions are NOT a contraceptive.
The Courts

Swedish Court Rules ISP Must Reveal OpenBitTorrent Operator's Identity 230

2phar writes "An ISP must hand over the identity of the operator behind OpenBitTorrent, a court in Sweden ruled [Wednesday]. The ISP must now reveal the identity of its customer, operator of probably the world's largest torrent tracker, to Hollywood movie companies or face a hefty fine. 'OpenBitTorrent is used for file sharing, and we suspect that it is the Pirate Bay tracker with a new name. It is added by default on all of the torrent tracker files on Pirate Bay,' Hollywood lawyer Monique Wadsted said in an earlier comment. The ruling covers the customer behind the IP addresses and and/or any other IP addresses in Portlane's entire range ( – which have been allocated to since August 28, 2009."

Comment Re:Predictions (Score 1) 110

The point of every segment of the story mode in COD MW2 is to teach you how to play multiplayer well. Its a tutorial from beginning to end. Think about it.

In the "controversial" segment featuring russian terrorists and an endless supply of victims, you are taught the basics of moving, aiming and shooting. You have no way of losing, unlimited ammo, you move slowly etc. After that you are taught to pull the trigger at exactly the right moment, then you are taught to follow dots on a screen, then to be discriminate about what you shoot, and so on. Everything from conserving ammo to special attacks.

Now, I understand that this is not what many people expected, and that's a fair reason to be disappointed. But all in all, I think the story mode was extremely well made. And to strengthen my point, many COD multiplayer nerds have been complaining about getting their asses kicked sore on MW2 multiplayer.

Comment Art is what touches you beyond your senses (Score 1) 733

A game, novel, painting or dance routine all have some sort of direction. Objectives, rules and outcomes are for a game what paint is for a painting.

What you think qualifies as art is of no relevance. Neither are the author's intentions. It can still be art to somebody else. (However I would argue that an author is necessary for it to qualify as art.) A (de)formed block of concrete in the middle of a square somewhere is not art if it simply invokes the word "art" in your brain, however it is art if it makes you think about something different, something more than the concrete and the square. It's a highly personal experience and cannot be defined by categories.

Comment Re:How are we supposed to understand this? (Score 1) 1671

Oh shut the fuck up. I want you to lose! You are not the good guys. You are not only murderers, you are also cowardly liars. You have no just cause for going to war, and you don't have the support of the locals. Nothing "good" can come out of your presence there, especially not with the attitude that you are entitled to killing civilians if it helps you kill your enemies. I am not saying anything about the actions of these individual soldiers, although it is clear that they made several huge mistakes. They hopefully and probably want to do good. But they are part of an insane way of thinking that is pure and proper evil. Please prove me wrong. Begin by explaining why the children whose parents you murdered in cold blood should be moved to a local hospital for treatment.

Comment Re:False! (Score 1) 132

ChromeShell is a Shell for Windows. Therefore Windows needs to load before the Shell can load. ChromeShell will only decrease the time of logging in (which can be a LOT on many Windows machines), not the time to boot.

Comment Re:Useful (Score 1) 132

I think Microsoft's idea was to launch their office suite for free on the web, so when you can edit Word and Excel documents in your browser, that is really all most people need. The question is which web OS will prevail. (And for whatever två öre is worth, I think Microsoft has a huge advantage in providing decent backward compatibility with the largest library of software on this planet, which could be a deal breaker if they can pull it through. I wonder what the ReactOS guys are doing.)

Comment Re:barrage of ads; been to the theater lately? (Score 1) 156

The largest theater chain in Sweden, Svensk Film Bio, lets you choose your seats when you register online (with no extra cost), plays about two minutes of ads and two trailers before the movie starts. I'd rather see no ads and no trailers, but hey, they have to show something while everyone is settling down. It doesn't really bother me.

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