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Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 2) 314

Of course there are many requirements specification languages. I doubt if any of them cover tribal knowledge or situations where the people being relied on to provide the specifications, sensing that they were about to be automated out of a job, supplied incomplete or inaccurate data. In this case, the Microsoft tool would be demonstrating GIGO -- Garbage In, Garbage Out. On the other hand it would do it much faster and more efficiently that a team of developers who, if they were diligent, who start asking questions about inconsistencies in the spec.

Comment I blame Slashdot mobile (Score 1) 129

The "Close Ad" link at the bottom of the m.SlashDot.org page is really tiny and nearly impossible for me to hit. More often than not, I miss the "close" and click on the ad or a link in the story. Using a stylus has helped, but those advertisers have to pay Slashdot and don't get any business from me.

Comment Sooooo. It's like San Jose? (Score 1) 301

Released in large enough numbers on an island

Or in a Google or Amazon R&D facility

the daughterless rodents

i.e. S/W developers

could, over the course of several months to a few years, result in a ... population that is, so to speak, all Mickey and no Minnie. Then (they) die out.

Well. It hasn't happened yet. The pesky males keep finding ways to breed.

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