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Comment Re:Don't most games do this... (Score 2) 170

Human newbies have a ton of context to determine what's success in the game. I think you're the one who seems to expect a Doom bot to have solved all of AI forever.

This appears to be a significant improvement over something like Breakout or even Mario, and just because it was partially supervised, doesn't make it less of a progress.

Comment Never gonna happen (Score 2) 375

I mean, yeah, he should, but it's never gonna happen. Obama's been going hardcore after whistleblowers and there's nothing indicating he would change his mind now.

No way either Hillary or Trump pardon him either, as they're too involved/sympathetic of state surveillance. Maybe Bernie, Johnson or the crazy green lady would, given the chance, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Comment Re: Inexcusable (Score 1) 157

>As a display technology engineer, I find it plausible that a hacker could use the overlay to display a simple image in place of the usual content or flash a 1x1 pixel region at full frame rate.

Well I'm not a display engineer like your or the parent, but yes, it's pretty obvious that if you modify the firmware responsible for the OSD, you could overlay goatse or something. That's annoying, but not really a huge issue, and as the other pointed out, at that point you'd be already fucked anyway.

Comment Re:Simply liability (Score 1) 59

Even though Boeing wasn't found liable, they still had to deal with the lawsuits. They have an army of lawyers for that, I'm sure, but this isn't something a smaller drone manufacturer wants to deal with. Plus, you never know how the lawsuits might end up. Someone could argue that the manufacturer (like Boeing in your story) should've spent $5 to offer to implement geofencing and save are children.

Then there's always the hordes of people completely outraged whenever a drone flies somewhere where they think they shouldn't, like in line of sight of an airplane or a park or their house. The less attention these incidents incur, the better - they already have to deal with retarded registration rules and what not, and they don't want to create a demand for more rules that would put people off the hobby.

Of course, I'm happy to fly a manual controlled quad that does whatever I tell it to do, and as long as this option is available, I don't mind the mainstream products being a bit crippled to keep idiots out of trouble.

Comment Re:Well, crap (Score 2) 57

Why don't you reboot the system and see? =)

I have to say that as much as it sucks for those affected (which is not that much, since it's just the MBR), this virus is like a breath of fresh retro-air. Check out the message

Ahh, it's like being in 1998 again and getting your drive wiped by CIH. Those were the days.

Comment Re:Bork (Score 1) 281

The initial Win7->10 upgrade actually left my Grub and Linux stuff alone. I wasn't too worried as it was basically a toy installation but it was still nice to see.

What I've heard about the AU is that it just unchecks "Time to display list of operating systems" in startup options but otherwise everything is in place.

Anyway I'm in no rush to get the update so I killed the update service and will just wait until the dust settles.

Comment Re:When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 89

The progress is definitely slowing down, however. Far Cry was released in 2004 and looked amazing at the time. Crysis came out just three years later and was clearly a whole new level. That was 2007, or almost ten years ago. It still looks very, very good by todan's stanards, if not quite top notch. Crysis 3 is three years old now, and while it's a moderate improvement over 1/2, not much, if anything, surpassed it yet, certainly not to a degree that Crysis improved on Far Cry.

Hopefully it's been mostly an issue of consoles holding everyone back, but I'm not quite so sure any more. Processors are barely getting any faster, AMD's new cards are basically last-gen level of performance and efficiency, and Nvidia's, while a noticeable improvement, took two years to update.

Still, we'll probably hit that mark since it's not that far off. A 1080 can hit 50-60fps at 4k in most games, and simultaneous re-projection should enable stereoscopy at minimal cost. For VR, foveated rendering would also cut down on effective resolution significantly.

So we'd need double or triple performance, at least, with significant improvements to graphical engines and tech. Back in the day this would've taken a couple of years at most, but this is still doable within a decade.

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