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Comment Re:Agile is your friend (Score 1) 162

Agile is definitely not my friend. It's an veiled excuse for stakeholders to avoid making up their minds from the get go and having engineering pay the price for it. Figure out what you want, write it all down, and we'll give you WIP demos as we go along, if you agree to not say a word. You've changed your mind, that's great, write it up for v1.x. Agile correctly assumes that stakeholders don't know what they want, and as a result it's a playbook for missed deadlines, bloated features, and cost overruns. There are good bits to Agile, morning stand-ups (face-to-face), emphasis on simplicity, and defined blocks of work (personal responsibility), but the rest is Kool Aid, and not the good kind, like the peach-mango Kool Aid kind.

Comment Re:*Up to* mumble-mumble bps (Score 1) 142

I'm surprised Comcast hasn't done this already. Anyhow, in Canada that seems to be more and more the norm. I know Bell, Rogers and Videotron all offer home and mobile bundles. Hell, now I'm even more surprised it hasn't happened here. I was thinking about AT&T + DirectTV but even they don't seem to offer a bundle that includes cellular. Antitrust concerns maybe?

Comment Re:This is insane behavior. (Score 3, Insightful) 130

Tim Cook is one hell of a COO, the guy knows how to get hardware made. The problem is he's not a product CEO like SJ was. I feel Tim should move back to COO and bring in a product guy like Tony Fadell or Scott Forstall to run the show. The recent defections are likely a sign that things aren't good internally at Apple.

Comment Re:I agree Apple is losing its' panache (Score 1) 230

Sub-$1000 laptops and PCs are absolutely not for "serious computer users". Apple has somewhere north of 70% of the $1000+\ market. An $800 Acer gaming rig is NOT for serious computer users. Gamers, yes, developers, absolutely not. If you ever go to a proper tech company / conference / meet up ... it's virtually all Macs. Granted, there are some high end Windows machines in the >$1000 range, and a some power users do use them, but they're the minority. Don't take my word for it, here are the same facts from ZDnet:

Comment Re: "H1-B skilled worker visas" (Score 1) 184

.. top universities like IIT ...

You might not like this, but IIT is only considered a top tier university in India. It has little to no reputation in North America / Europe. Most respected world university rankings rank it in the middle of the pack, along the lines of Iowa State and Oregon State.

Comment Re: I'm al looking to move away from the Mac (Score 1) 315

Wow, you would hate Silicon Valley and pretty much every top tier startup because pretty much all I've seen there are Apple laptops. I guess the vast majority of engineers at Google, Facebook, Palantir, Dropbox, Quora, Uber, AirBNB, Twitter, and Tesla are just "really not that bright" compared to you. Wait, do you think maybe it could be that you're not as bright as you think you are? Nah!

Comment Re: I'm always proud of my code (Score 2) 280

The guy we hired to replace him wrote it from the ground up in a month.

You smell that? Do you smell that? Technical debt, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of technical debt in the morning. You know one time we had a code sprint, for 4 weeks. When it was all over I code reviewed. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' bug. The smell, you know that stale pizza smell, the whole room. Smelled like ... a nightmare to come.

- Software Architect Bill Kilgore

Comment Some comments completely ignore the use cases (Score 1) 153

When what's in the database is directly related to $$$, like account balances, financial transactions, hard asset tracking, billing, SSNs, payroll, and legal compliance, you use a serious tool like Oracle. Would you trust your paycheck being deposited into your bank account correctly to MongoDB? MySQL? Postgres? Not to say you can't try to do it with those tools, but with Oracle, you can be pretty much guaranteed that even if all your data centers simultaneously sink into the ocean, you can recover your financial data to a consistent state at a known point in time, even if it's from multiple snippets of backups. Oracle's consistency and recovery tools are still second to none in the industry.

If you're tracking tweets, dating profiles, blog posts, or network traffic ... then your data isn't business critical and you could even use flat files if you were a sadist and really wanted to.

Look, I use PostgreSQL, Sqlite, and even BigTable for various repositories, they're all very good tools given a use case, but that's not data that would sink the business if it wasn't 100% completely accurate. Those data in those tools can suffer some data loss and, even though it would make for a particularly unpleasant period of work and meetings, the continuity of the business would not at stake.

Comment Re:Don't worry guys... (Score 1) 414

That's the really messed up thing here, because that's what H1Bs are supposed to be for. If someone has been told outright that H1Bs are replacing them, they need to immediately file a WH-4 with the Department of Labor:


Bitching about it on social media is fine, but an investigation from the DOL is what will really make people sit up and listen.

Comment Re:So, no MagSafe? (Score 2) 361

I'm with you. I just can't see a good use for Touch Bar ... at least not yet. I don't look at my keyboard when I type, why would I want to start? If there had been a massive spec upgrade, I'd be all over it ... but other than faster RAM and SSD, the maxed Skylake number cruncher is benchmarks about the same (some benchmarks even mark it slower) than the existing maxed Haswell in my MBP. I personally don't see a compelling reason to fork over $3500 for something that isn't going to be noticeably faster than what I already have. If I was a photographer I might be swayed by the wide gamut display, but for coding in black and white text, gamut just doesn't buy me anything. It's disappointing Intel CPUs got stuck at the 3Ghz ceiling. Give me 8 cores, dual CPUs ... anything to alleviate my CPU bottleneck.

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