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Comment Re:Probably the right thing to do (Score 1) 412

So you support censorship. Good to know...

No, thats not what I said - If he was anywhere but in an embassy it would be totally unjistified. But as he is in an embassy it puts the equadorian government in the position of being seen to support someone trying to influence the electon in the US. Diplomats arent supposed to do that

Comment Re:How would this have protected the USS Cole? (Score 1) 142

Is the Admiral suffering from dementia, or is he just a fucking idiot? The attack on the Cole was successful because the rules of engagement did not allow the Cole to fire upon the boat.

If being able to fire on boats (or use a drone swarm like the proposed) is going to be a requirement for a us ship to visit a port, there are going to a lot less ports for them to refuel at.

Submission + - What comes to your mind whenever you hear the word Marine or Marines? (

bellascott123 writes: Looking through a wider and deeper perspective the word Marine or Marines may mean a lot of things. It could be relating to sea life (biology, ecology, geology)—from sea animals, sea hedgehogs (urchins), or all see sea creatures, etc. Or could also mean related to sea business or commerce like trading, transportation, navigation, tourism, and maritime which plays important role in one’s economy.

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