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Comment Re:FCC can't help ... (Score 1) 207

I actually moved down here from downstate - the Quincy / Springfield area - about six years ago. I used to travel to Chicago regularly for business and pleasure. My girlfriend just moved down from the northwest 'burbs about two and a half years ago. She's from the Rolling Meadows / Arlington Heights area. She's a Cubs and especially a Blackhawks fan. I'm a Cards, Chiefs, and Blackhawks fan.

There's a Gino's East up around Spring / The Woodlands. Groupon has a $30 for $16 deal for it right now. It's not quite the same, but it's much closer than anyone else down here. There are some other decent deep dish places, but most of them don't get the cheese/crust layer just right and don't use any corn meal in the crust.

I work with some Chicago transplants, too. I can probably ask around about whether anyone's found something close to Giordano's.

Comment Re:FCC can't help ... (Score 1) 207

Here in Houston we can still get the Blackhawks audio on the WGN app, thankfully. We can't get it on broadcast unless it's something like the Wednesday Night Rivalry. The NHL app is blacked out if they're playing the Stars, as if Dallas is local to Houston or Houston TV would carry a Dallas game by choice.

I used to sometimes listen to Spurs games back in central Illinois as long as they were night games. WOAI 1200 AM carries quite far after dark.

Mostly I use the radio to listen to KUHF, but sometimes I'll flip over to KKHH or something on the way home from the office.

Comment Water doesn't tend to be the problem (Score 2) 217

Water doesn't tend to be the problem in aqueous solutions. The fact that it's a solution means that you've got these other chemicals in your water if it spills. I doubt anything that stores a high amount of charge is something you want to casually mop up while the kids and pets lap it off the floor.

Comment Re:You're missing half of the equation (Score 1) 399

You're leaving out that some of these people rather than work a low-paying job at that point would seek education, training, and internships that make them more qualified for jobs that require more skills and are more rewarding. It can be difficult to fit in school and work when you have to work 40 or 60 or 80 hours a week. If one is paid enough to have a studio apartment, laptop, and Internet access and enough free time to take classes online without needing all those hours, one might be more likely to bootstrap themselves out of the unskilled labor pool into something less prone to be replaced with automation.

Comment Re:Tipping Point (Score 1) 85

How many passwords do you figure I could grab from a web forum that's over HTTP that are common to the same user's banking or utility accounts?

How do you know that the JavaScript being sent from /. is what the site intended? Over HTTP are you sure it's not something injected with extra code targeted at a security vulnerability in your specific browser (which the attack would know from your headers unless you're masking them)?

How about people knowing exactly which articles you read from which sites? With HTTPS and SNI they know what server you used. If you're using insecure DNS then they might already know which hostname you looked up, but that's another data source.

Do you disable cross-site cookies? Did you think about the fact that any third-party observer who can see your traffic can read first-party cookies anyway if you're on HTTP?

Comment The company that rootkitted Windows from audio CDs (Score 4, Insightful) 55

So the company that put Windows rootkits on Redbook audio CDs puts backdoors in other products? Stunning!

The company that sold the PSP 1000 to early adopters at $250+ per unit based on all the things it would be able to do with expansions, then released expansions that only worked with later models doesn't take their customers' needs seriously? Shocking!

The company that advertised Linux on the PlayStation 3 then made it impossible to use Linux if you installed most of the newer PS/3 games stomps on their promises? Inconceivable!

Or... oh, wait... no, that's not it. The surprising part is that anybody trusts these shady jerks at all.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1028

"After Hoover" meaning Herbert or J. Edgar? Becuase the latter was at the BI and FBI from 1924 to 1972. 1972 to 1990 is a small window there.

Ask George Takei about detention without trial. Look up US Executive Order 9835. Read up on Dennis v. United States if you don't believe the US curtailed civil liberties. Read up on the Hollywood blacklist. It wasn't just McCarthy and Hoover with some two-man mission.

Ask the folks at Kent State who were shot for peacefully protesting the Cambodian campaign in 1970, just before your window opens. Read up on Ruby Ridge. That's just after your window closes.

So you're basically asking "when, during this 18 year period, did we ever have curtailed rights?"?

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