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Comment Re: Send it an email? (Score 2) 100

Funnily enough (no, not really), I can't delete my Yahoo! account or even set it dormant because my ISP (BT) had / has an agreement with Yahoo! to provide email for domestic users going back to the end of the 90s. Even though my primary contact registered with BT hasn't been this address for well over a decade, because it was the original I signed up with it can't be deactivated because reasons.

The "don't log in for 90 days" trick doesn't work with this account. I hadn't accessed it in five years. Fortunately I'd set all mail to be marked as spam (if it wasn't already) before I left it alone all those years and the size of that folder was astonishing.

Comment Re:They're missing the point. (Score 2) 75


It's not so much the new rolling stock (when it gets delivered, a happy little clusterfuck in itself), with vastly inferior seats (but look, charging points for your stuff! Never mind that there's no tables any more and it can't connect to anything because the signal is so dire; why is the Clapham Triangle still a thing?), nor even the piss-poor uptake in new drivers so the existing have to work far more overtime to provide the alleged standard service.

What annoys customers is that the operators coin it in by claiming from RailTrack after only a 5 minute delay caused by signal or track issues but customers can only claim after half an hour delay (though there was a concession recently down to "just" 15 minutes). Then there's the whole issue with Southern Rail getting paid by DfT (who get the ticket revenue) as a flagship test case for a pure management franchise to be rolled out to the rest of the country so they don't even have to try to run a service as they get paid anyway. And don't get me started on DOO(P) for rural areas...

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

This. There's lots of handwringing rhetoric from politicians about the cost for treatment for conditions related to smoking but they always conveniently forget to mention that the income from taxation is at least 10 times that amount. The amount that alcohol related conditions costs compared to the tax income is a lot closer, yet they never bang on about that. Instead it is extremely rare that spirits go up in price whenever a Budget is announced so over time they become cheaper but a pack of fags gets at least quadruple the rate of inflation (CPI or RPI, whichever is greater) added on each time.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 244

What I've noticed in recent car ads is they are of two types: either "model may differ from that shown" for ones you can buy without being a second mortgage (then show me the one I can buy, you know, the models with the steering wheel on the correct side) or ones which you can only lease for business (fork out a lot up front, pay monthly and after the lease when you've paid enough to have actually bought the thing you still don't own it). Not interested.

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