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Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 90

It's a conundrum.

We have come a long way from the age of flip phones and nine-key texting. Even as if group messaging and instant messengers took over, the SMS has largely retained its core standard over the years.

And that's self-contradictory. We haven't come a long way, in practice. Now that smartphones are ubiquitous, what's the point of SMS? Everyone has fast, easy, mobile access to email, which has none of the limitations of SMS (message size, tied to a device and not a person, etc.). Email, you can access on your phone, your PC, your tablet, or even a public web terminal in many cases. It even lets you communicate to someone without a phone!

Comment Re:And, I might start buying more from them again. (Score 1) 183

"they don't even give you the option to pay the shipping if you just wanted to receive that add on item."

There's often a "buy from other sellers" choice, where you pay more but it's not Prime shipping.

Myself, I try to keep some things in a "future purchases" list, stuff I will be buying, but don't need soon. Like, right now I've got some stuff to buy related to camping next summer. So, if something comes up as an add-on, there's usually something I'd be buying anyway which I can add to the cart to make it work.

Comment HF radio... (Score 5, Informative) 69

It you want to try to listen to the radio broadcast mentioned, here's the info:

HAARP will transmit a sequence of tones and music using amplitude modulation (AM) on two different radio frequencies (2.7 MHz and 3.3 MHz) in a sort of reproduction of this so-called Luxembourg Effect. If conditions are sufficient and you tune-in to one frequency or the other, you will hear tones and music from both frequencies. The tones and music have been specifically composed to take advantage of the Luxembourg effect.

The Luxembourg broadcast will begin as early as 6 p.m. on 19 and 20 February Alaska Standard Time (AKST) and conclude by 6:40 p.m. In Coordinate Universal Time (UTC), the broadcasts will begin as early as 03:00 on 20 and 21 February and conclude by 03:40. Tune in to 2.7 MHz or 3.3 MHz (2700 KHz or 3300 KHz), or both! The program is approximately 10 minutes in duration and will repeat until 6:40 p.m. AKST or 03:40 UTC.

Comment Re: Has he been invited to the white house? (Score 4, Insightful) 920

I think you're in violent agreement with the GP. He's right, reporting on a celebrity isn't news. And "mainstream media" isn't news either - most of the outlets which say they're news are 95% op-ed. I suppose that's a result of pandering for eyeballs. They're not really lying, they're just going way beyond unbiased objective fact, with an intent to mislead in order to support their POV.

Where, oh where, are today's Edgar R Murrows? They all seem to be Hearsts these days.

Comment Re:first (Score 1) 382

LOL. It's only "prohibitive" because local generation is cheaper. Exact same thing with energy storage - if it's cheaper to build locally, that's what you do.

As of 1980, the longest cost-effective distance for direct-current transmission was determined to be 7,000 km (4,300 mi). For alternating current it was 4,000 km (2,500 mi), though all transmission lines in use today are substantially shorter than this.

Wikipedia (ibid)

Yea, I see why you think reality sucks - it upsets your worldview.

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