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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 356

Usually, you write some interesting, thoughtful things. This is not one of those cases: non sequitur after non sequitur blaming increasingly disassociated phenomena on the Internet. Also, Godwin'd. You are not wrong about hype and monetization, but what about some personal responsibility for the people who actually killed and displaced the millions? Those actors would much have preferred no Internet to spread the news of their wanton destruction.

Comment But the WORST bit... (Score 1) 56

But the WORST bit is that it forces pages to be developed in one way, "the Google Way", which may or may not bear any resemblance to the business request, much less maintainability.

Gigantic scam. Only helps Google, not the Web.

Comment Re:Incompetent third world military is incompetent (Score 1) 124

Unfortunately for your argument, I live in Denver, so I'm very familiar with what a big ole jet airliner looks like from 60 miles away. Now that I've looked into the link a bit more, though, that page's theory indicates that the chopper would be pointing at a flight which was roughly 30 degrees from North, but the chopper's compass is never pointed past 10 degrees from North.

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