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Comment Re:Also in the news (Score 1) 228

Hmmm... I'll just say that back in the 1990s I was worked on an end to end full suite of apps in a particular industry, and I recall going thru the work THEN to make sure that everything worked as an ordinary user, because we had a major customer who didn't want to give its users admin rights. I'm having trouble believing it's still the norm to hand out admin, or that there are a lot of applications that insist on installing in particular directory. But maybe I've led a sheltered life.

Comment Re:those who ignore IRC (Score 1) 66

What if I want to do all those things (talk, chat, share screens, share files) w/o having to configure 15 different programs and figure out to get each one thru the firewalls? What if I just want to click the "share screen" button and have it, you know, work?

I use skype, and whatever I need to do, it just plain works. That's what I want. Not 15 obscure programs to configure, update, and have break.

Comment Re:Caring (Score 1) 105

If this is such an obvious exploit, how is it no one walked thru this open hole in the fence the last few years?

And really, at that point you are just arguing over how hard it is. That really doesn't matter. If someone throws a rock thru your window to show you that you have cheap glass, it's not your fault that you didn't have bullet proof glass in place.

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