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Comment Re:No thanks. (Score 1) 57

I'm sure the real idea is to make impulse-buying easier and the norm. An early step in this direction was One-Click purchasing. Now you don't even have to click.

As a consumer, try to never impulse-buy anything. Put it in your 'basket' by all means but wait a few days, see if it still seems necessary. In many cases you can just delete it at that point. Buyer's remorse is your friend if you can arrange to experience it before you've closed the deal.

Comment Work less spend more (Score 1) 729

If you only work a three day week, for example, you have four days you will need to fill with 'leisure' activities, which tend to involve expense. People who voluntarily retire early often say that it's nice for the first couple of months and then boredom sets in.

Comment Fundamental Limit (Score 2) 103

Hmm. If a 1ms latency is what's needed, the speed of light through the network limits the separation of the patient and surgeon to about 100 miles or so.

If a truck filled with tapes beats the bandwidth of the fastest network, I guess an ambulance with the patient in it is the metric that needs to be to beaten here.

Comment That reminds me... (Score 1) 161

Based on personal experience, you can forget technological aids. Sorry. It's all about getting the right environment and the right carers.

One of my top ten 'clever solutions' to a problem was used (perhaps devised?) by a care home near me. They had a long driveway and trouble with residents who had a nice patio area to use wandering off and getting lost. So the home got a bus shelter built near the bottom of the drive. No buses, just an authentic shelter. Residents would get lost, wander around a bit, spot the bus shelter and go and sit down and quite happily wait ages (it was the UK) for the bus. CCTV would spot them and and an orderly would walk down and help them back again.

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