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Comment Re:What does this mean, exactly? (Score 1) 211

Not all extensions are going to be ported. Period.

That's right. I never claimed otherwise. The popular extensions, and the ones mentioned by the OP, however, will be ported. The OP's favorite add-ons will continue to work. This change affects him in no way.

You know, the add-ons that people actually use. UBlock Origin, NoScript, etc. are being ported. Hence, this change will affect almost no one.

For those (very few) devs posting nonsense about how this comes as a total shock, they've had almost two full years to prepare, and they still have the remainder of this year! They've even had ample opportunity to work with Mozilla to shape the new API.

So, no, not every add-on will be ported. Of course, considering the incredibly long time they've had to make the change, I don't think users are missing much by losing what are very likely to be low-quality add-ons with little to no support.

Comment Re:What does this mean, exactly? (Score 1) 211

WebExtensions announcement was made not two months after. "Demotivating" doesn't quite cover it .

Someone wasn't paying attention ... or they're just lying. Anyone paying even a little bit of attention has known about the new extension system for almost two years now.

But don't let facts get in the way of your meaningless hate-fest.

Comment Re:What does this mean, exactly? (Score 1) 211

There will be some extensions that don't work, but that was also true with any update as the api wasn't stable due to how add-ons work. Again, add-on developers have always had to deal with api changes.

UBlock Origin will continue to work, as will NoScript. You know, the big ones.

  The OP mentioned FlagFox, which is still under active development, having received an update this year. There is no reason to suspect that it will stop working, given how simple it is.

As for DownThemAll, I don't know what they'll do. They updated their add-on to work with e10s, after all, and have dealt with countless api changes over the years already. Of course, they could always abandon it and let it die, allowing the countless competitors take over their spot. They've had, and continue to have, plenty of time to get their add-on ready for a change they knew was coming ages ago.

Yeah, he posted a stupid rant, but it's devoid of anything I can meaningfully check. Not a single technical point that can be addressed. That should tell you something.

Comment Re:What does this mean, exactly? (Score -1, Troll) 211

It doesn't mean that.

Ultimately, this will affect almost no one. Planning for this change has been happening for a long time now. Your favorite add-ons will continue to work.

This will also benefit users and developers moving forward. The way add-ons worked in the past is what caused the 'shifting-sands' api developers just dealt with for years. This might be a larger change, but it'll leave devs with a much more stable system.

As for users, we'll start to see some of the benefits from projects like Servo. If you haven't seen that yet, the performance is astonishing.

Comment Re:wow, way to limit female opportunities (Score 0) 233

Considering that you refused to respond to my first repudiation and instead choose to focus on a different issue, I don't thing you're interested in doing anything other than argue meaninglessly.

I've not said anything controversial. This is feminism 101. You'll find everything you're asking me for in a few seconds with a simple search. You're continued refusal to do so tells me that you want to remain ignorant.

If you're as capable as you believe yourself to be, do some reading, and post your sources, quotes, and rebuttal here. It'll be interesting to see if your reading comprehension has improved in the last few hours. (You'll recall that you had a bit of a problem with that earlier!)

Comment Re:wow, way to limit female opportunities (Score 0) 233

I think I can help you:

and is not required to dress like a stripper to do the job

See that word? It's VERY important. How do you think that word changes the meaning of the AC's sentence from your interpretation?

There's a host of other issues with booth-babe style exploitation, naturally, but you might not be ready for those just yet...

Comment Re:Chrome is smarter than that. (Score 3, Insightful) 145

Indeed. Given that Chrome itself is often installed surreptitiously along with popular applications like CCleaner and Avast, it's no wonder that Adobe thought that Chrome users wouldn't mind, or notice, yet another clandestine install.

Now that I'm thinking about it, Chrome has come bundled with Adobe products as well! That's right, Adobe secretly installs the browser, and tries to set it as default. They've already gone that far, so what's the big deal about sliding along an extension?

Comment Re:Did he mean an unprecedented level of gouging? (Score 1) 214

Times have changed. A $150 phone is going to do everything the average user wants, and more, without a problem.

I picked up one for less than that a few months back so my wife could use it in place of her phone (used heavily for work) for music, games, social media, etc. It's worked out incredibly well. Her important phone stays charged and her work and fun are completely separated. She couldn't be happier.

If you have kids, you'll find that even sub-$50 phones can do everything they want and more without feeling clunky.

What on earth makes you think you need to spend more than $150 just to get something "decent"?


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