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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 209

Revenue dropped from Q4 2015 to Q4 2016, comparable quarters. That Q4 is their slowest quarter is irrelevant.

In addition, revenue for the entire fiscal year 2016 was lower than fiscal year 2015.

"return to profitability"? They are quite profitable, they won't be returning to something they already are.

Apple chooses their end of year to come shortly after the introduction of new phones for a reason, it lets them manage their Q4 revenue and earnings in order
to make their numbers without pulling too much revenue into Q4 from the next year. Tim Cook is about managing Wall Street, they don't forecast more than a quarter out and make their forecast when the quarter is already 1/3rd done.

Their share buybacks are also used to manage their earnings per share number.

While Apple remains wildly profitable, there is going to be an end high priced, high margin phones. Indeed it may well be that the idea of carting around a phone with a screen disappears as completely as carting around a music player did. Amazon and Google think they can wean us away from carting phones around in our homes and I think they'll succeed.

Comment Re:Should never have been allowed (Score 1) 244

Would you like me to list all the assumptions?

"For them to have a fully loaded semi on the freeway and the driver to get in the back seat was blatantly irresponsible. This experiment should never even have been legal."

1) You have zero knowledge of what their system does and you ASSUME that they were "blatantly irresponsible"
2) You have zero knowledge of what the legalities are or what they did to ensure that their experiment was approved and legal.

Any other questions?

Chew on this a bit, a couple of days ago a bus smashed into the back of a semi doing 5mph on I-10 near Palm Springs. 13 people died.

"Some 400,0000 trucks crash each year, according to federal statistics, killing about 4,000 people. In almost every case, human error is to blame. "

Humans have shown a remarkable amount of blatant irresponsibility behind the wheel, to the tune of about 30,000 killed and hundreds of thousands seriously injured every year every year in the US. I applaud Otto's safe and legally authorized trial of their Level 4 autonomous truck system. Look up what Level 4 is.

Comment Re:Wrong Answer for Long Distance Shipping (Score 1) 244

Do you understand that trains are already used for shipping? Your premise suggests that, somehow, shippers aren't smart enough to pick trains when they make more sense.

If trucking can be made to operate even more efficiency that is a winning proposition even if trains exist.

Comment Re:S7 Edge (Score 1) 212

It's merely your assumption that the brand has been damaged. The vast majority of Note 7 owners never had an issue with their phone, it was recalled and they were inconvenienced. The VW situation was different, all the VW's recalled were defective. VW owners were all deceived. It remains to be seen if the Note 7 issues involved more than an excessively high rate of failure (which could still be a very low rate of failure) of batteries or was something deeper.

Comment Re:The assholes do spend over $1billion / year eac (Score 4, Interesting) 170

That sounds shocking if not for the fact that everyone eligible for Social Security can start collecting at age 62 and has been able to do so for decades.

Nearly 50% of people eligible for Social Security make the choice to collect benefits at age 62, they receive a smaller check for the earlier payout.

Social Security disability payments virtually ALL go to persons under age 65 because a disability payment converts to a regular Social Security check at retirement age. So that skews the numbers lower.

Let's look at actual numbers (
About four-fifths of all OASDI beneficiaries in current-payment status were aged 62 or older,
including 22 percent aged 75–84 and 9 percent aged 85 or older. About 15 percent were
persons aged 18–61 receiving benefits as disabled workers, survivors, or dependents. Another
5 percent were children under age 18.

Anything shock you there?

Not even sure why the age 65 thing bothers you, age 62 is when you become eligible for a reduced Social Security retirement benefit and almost half the people who become eligible elect to take smaller checks at age 62 instead of waiting till full retirement age.

You don't even provide a basis for claiming that Obama has anything to do, much less "has done everything he could to expand", with Social Security spending. As the baby boomer population ages there are more people eligible to start collecting their Social Security retirement check. Look at the chart on p 14 of the link I provided above, the number of NEW retired workers has jumped dramatically since about 2003 Obama didn't make people older and the retirement age hasn't decreased.

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