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Comment Re: You're being silly (Score 1) 417

If you've been IN the American Military, then you know the odds of them complying with such an order is practically zero.

Would you care to take a guess which side of the 2nd Amendment debate they typically fall on ?

Want to take a guess which team they typically vote for ?

A Military Coup and / or Civil War would take place within a few days following any decree or announcement of such a thing.

Comment Amusing (Score 1) 127

When asked about cleaning the facilities where employees work ( the same garbage sits on the floor for years ) or if their workforce will ever get any training for the equipment they maintain, the answer is always the same:

" It's not in the budget. "

So they axe the budgets year after year, then complain when no one has any work to do. Oblivious to the fact that a budget is a prequisite for getting anything done when adding or replacing ageing hardware.

Yet when there are companies to be bought, stadium naming rights or excessive executive compensation up for consideration, there is ALWAYS a budget for that.

This upcoming Friday, thousands of folks will learn if they got " picked " to leave the company within the next month :|

Folks wonder what happened to loyalty lol

Comment Easy Fix (Score 1) 419

Samsung simply needs to disclose what is causing their phones to catch fire so we can write an app to trigger it on demand.

Barring that, a thermite filled case will do the trick nicely.

Tie it to a specific fingerprint that you never use and voila, problem solved.

To be even more fun, put it on a delay so it catches fire only after they are in posession of the phone. ~30 minutes should do it.

Whole new meaning for the term " burner phone ".

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 412

I stand by that statement still.

You simply cannot make an informed decision given limited and filtered information.

Foreign agencies will have a similar agenda to our domestic ones. The dissemination of information they believe to be relevant to the issue at hand to further their own agenda. They will release information that the domestic side will not and vice versa.

However, taking ALL of the data into account ( from all sides ), you can start to get a clearer picture of what's really going on. You can then derive your biases from this if you wish, assuming you trust any of it to begin with. It is the only chance you'll have to decide on your own whom you believe. Without outside help, that information never sees the light of day and any decisions are based solely on half-truths instead.

For the record, at this point, my biases are as follows:

Both of our candidates are a lost cause. I don't even care who wins anymore because I have no say so in the matter, especially with the system being designed the way it is. If you think I am wrong and our votes / desires can make a difference, go ask Bernie Sanders supporters how well that worked out for them. Or perhaps the voters in Colorado.

Comment And yet (Score 5, Insightful) 412

preventing the distribution of information relevant to the candidates, Ecuador effectively allows the influence to be heavily one sided.

Specifically, the side that filters, and releases only approved material in order to promote their candidate.

The only way we truly know who the candidates are is when we have access to information about how they think and act when they believe no one is looking.

Everything else, is just for show.

Personally, I don't care WHO digs up the information. Hackers, Private Investigators, whatever.

It does boil down to this: If you're going intelligently elect a leader, you need to know all there is to know about them. There can be no secrets.

Comment Re: Still Confused .... (Score 3, Informative) 435

Not to point out the obvious but, were I the NSA or other three letter agency and wanted to provide " proof " that the $pickabadguy were behind this, I would simply instruct the coders to " accidentally " leave behind bits of $language in the code for the world to find.

To be fun, were I a Russian hacker, I would create another Stuxnet and leave a giant American Flag in ascii buried in the code somewhere just to prove that point.

Comment Re: Phrasing. (Score 1) 134

It seems many folks already gave up on the theater " experience ".

And when we don't go in droves, they cry about how poor movie sales are and blame pirates for their woes.

Then they bribe . . . . er . . contribute campaign donations to their favorite Congress-Critter to get some more anti-piracy laws passed to further restrict how and where we can watch said entertainment.

Comment I don't want rechargable headphones (Score 2) 446

for the same reasons I don't use wireless mice or keyboards.

If the battery is replaceable, then you have to keep batteries on hand for when they die. ( which is constantly and at the worst possible moment )

If not replaceable, you get to keep buying new mice and keyboards every few years when the batteries ultimately give out.

In your phone, the battery is likely going to be the first component that dies taking the whole device with it. Being non-user replaceable, this forces you to upgrade to the next phone. It's nothing more than planned obsolesence. Same thing for the wireless, battery powered headphones you'll be using soon.

I have to replace my headphones soon not because the battery died, but because I've worn out the ear cushions.

Considering I've used them for at least a DECADE, I'm pretty sure I've got my moneys worth from them.

Then again, I may just try to replace the ear cushions myself and keep on using them until they truly die.

New hotness is not always better.

Comment Re:Pretty Bold-Faced Lie (Score 1) 34

I don't think it's for financial gain. Rather an attempt to gain sympathy or to hide their incompetence.

In the mass mindset, even if you secured your networks but were attacked by a " State " actor, then somehow it isn't your fault :|

However, if / when it comes out that you just didn't bother to keep up to date with common security practices and all that personal data gets taken, then your company tends to look bad.

So, just about everyone and their brother is going to claim a " State Sponsored " attack in an attempt to shift the blame from their incompetence to an evil boogey man that no one can defend against.

See just about every high profile hack lately for examples of this.

Comment Pot, meet kettle (Score 1) 109

As opposed to US backed hackers *cough* NSA *cough* who are sloppy enough to leave their hacking toolkit behind ?

They hack us, we hack them. It's the reality of things. Get over it.

Instead of finger pointing, maybe we should work to secure those systems that are vulnerable insteading of hoarding bugs and hacks to use.

If you're not going to bother letting the vendors know about vulnerabilities in their systems, then it's silly to feign surprise when they get compromised.

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