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Comment Re:This again? (Score 3, Interesting) 401

Actually it gets compiled down to Machine Code. Assembly Language is simply Machine Code rendered in a human readable format.

e.g. ld a,1 in Z80 assembler would be 3E01 in HEX

Oh, the memories. To this day I can remember on my ZX81 hand-assembling 2A0C40, which loads the display file base address into the HL register pair. Calculating all those relative jumps... ugh :(

Comment Re:What grudge? The editor's? (Score 4, Insightful) 125

It's not Wikileaks's role to scan email for viruses...

Yes, it is. See how easy that was to rebut?

That's not a rebuttal; that's taking an opposing position with no argument (or evidence) to back up your position.

A rebuttal might look like:

It may not be the job of WikiLeaks to scan emails for malware, but it can be argued that it should be. Their goal is to release information into the hands of people who can do something with it. Those people are mostly journalists with limited computer security knowledge, compared to, say, most of us here on Slashdot, and it is in the best interests of WikiLeaks to ensure that we can trust the information coming from them.

Although Wikileaks tries to release information as raw as possible, they do have a legitimate reason to alter it; namely the protection of sources and protection of people not directly targeted by the leak. Since they are already altering the information to protect sources, it is surely no great ethical stretch to protect recipients as well.

See? No only did I rebut his position, I acknowledged his arguments and demonstrated that they actually supported my case better than his case.

Comment Re:o rly? (Score 1) 74

Jupiter is the largest planet? Gosh, had that not been in the sentence none of us would ever have figured that out. This is news for nerds, not news for planettists. Thank you, intrepid editors, for understanding and saving me from confusion!

You're complaining that the editors got something 100% right? I mean, they've got some even simpler stuff utterly wrong before. I mean, look at the Self-Driving Tesla Owners Share Videos of Reckless Driving story: somehow, a Volvo engineer became a Volvo driver!

Comment Re:Pilot still needs a UAS license? (Score 3, Interesting) 124

Nevermind, it's not clear from the summary, but all of the articles mention this. Yes there is still licensing, no the rules are not as strenuous as a full pilot's license (no medical, etc).

FPV flight is still dead without a waiver. Interestingly, you can fly above 400' as long as you are within 400' of a structure (eg, for remote visual inspection of tall buildings).

Licensing is for commercial operations. Recreation / hobby use remains unchanged.

FPV is fine provided some means of situational awareness (eg. a spotter) is maintained. The wavier is needed if you don't intend to use a spotter.

The biggest disappointment is maintaining the Line Of Sight (LOS) requirement, although with the situational awareness requirement I do see the (gasp!) consistency in the regulations.

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