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Comment Re:You mean Trump's webmaster (Score 1) 813

This is why Trump is winning.

What is he winning? Are you talking about his projected sweep of just 36% of the electoral vote?

Or are you talking about the projected loss of the Senate majority? I guess it is a "Win" if he gets petty revenge on his own party while crashing and burning in a presidential landslide.

Comment Re:Encryption is for criminals (Score 5, Insightful) 198

Encryptions is for criminals. Ordinary people don't need military grade encryption to protect themselves. It's primarily used to hide illicit activities from the police and serves no legitimate purpose.

so true! illicit behavior like logging in to my toddler's Disney Junior account, or transferring money between my bank account and the electric company.

Comment Re:No - he broke the law (Score 1) 375

There is a big difference between enslaved people and a data-tech working for $200,000 a year, who has signed non-disclosures, and has maintained high clearance classification.

I don't care what your stance on Snowden is, but he was not an enslaved person running from his oppressive captors.

Comment Re:40 years in a box (Score 1) 289

Mars and titan have atmosphere and water. That makes them vastly more ideal for colonization than the moon. The moon is close, and has some He3 but all fuel, propellant, and nitrogen needed for, well everything would need to make the round trip from Earth. A real attempt would need to have at least SOME resources come from the place being colonized.

Comment Re: Apple's suicide (Score 1) 495

so the solution is to use the one USB port to connect a hub, then you connect your audio dongle and your ethernet dongle, then use your displayport dongle to connect to the projector, which is of course HDMI.

So majestic, a ball of wires connected to a unibody! Of course your battery will last all day! So no need to plug it in! such convenience.

Comment At&t doesn't even try to pretend it isnt extor (Score 4, Informative) 160

Their official policy is that you have to pay them for TV no matter what. Either you subscribe to TV, or your internet connection is capped, and you will pay them for TV anyway in the form of overages.

Seemed like a pretty good plan "Lets punish consumers and make them pay for our ill-conceived acquisition of Direct TV"

Gee, I wonder why they are losing subscribers.

Comment Re:backing Hillary? (Score 5, Insightful) 459

Whitewater was in 1992... I am 36 years old. That means for 2/3 of my life Hilary Clinton has been continuously investigated, and accused in the media and courts and been called a criminal by default. Since then she has had tons of scandals and accusations of being a criminal, none have ever stuck.

This means one of two things:

She is either a criminal mastermind with the power, influence, and pull to continuously break the law and get away with it. Using a vast network of co-conspirators, who have tight lips and similar criminal mastermind status to ALWAYS somehow escape the investigations of an entire country of inept law enforcement, Democrat lead congress, Republican lead congress, Democrat presidents, Republican presidents, and all news media outlets.

She is a super villain. Greater than any ever seen. She is bullet proof and immune to attacks from foe and friend alike. She is an amazing character straight out of fiction. If this is true, she doesn't need to become president, she is already the most powerful person in the world.
The go-to political attack method on Hilary Clinton is to assume she is a criminal.

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