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Comment Re: Supplier contracts. (Score 1) 44

Intel did try to license the tech. Qualcom refused.
It was touch and go inside Intel's mobile groups for quite a long time after it was clear that WiDi lost and LTE was the winner. Trying to engineer around the Qualcom patents is what likely lead to this.
Intel knows the performance is lacking.
That it works at all is better than where they were this time last year.

Comment Re:It's a way of pointing a finger (Score 1) 81

I wonder how it would work if a company simply listed all the components of the bill honestly, including profit margin.
$6.50 broadcast transmission fee
$4.00 fee for fuckall
$15.00 cable replacement for damage (like DUI into telephone pole)
$35.00 profit to company.

It'd be interesting.

Submission + - CO2 to Ethanol in one step with cheap catalyst (sciencedaily.com)

networkBoy writes: Boffins at ORNL have discovered a simple and cheap catalyst that can take CO2 dissolved in solution with water and at room temperature convert it to ethanol with 60%+ yields. They envision it as a way to store surplus power from green energy plants and then burning it to fill in lulls in supply.

Comment Re: "IT" is on its way out (Score 1) 272

as I'm entertaining myself re-reading the BOFH series (up to 2001), you wouldn't happen to be in operations would you?

Yeah, I think that I may have done better in networking as well, but when the fork in the road presented itself I chose the money. (started as validation at a networking company, when I moved I could have gone to either team). Though Intel has eviscerated their IT department as well; last I heard complaints about SLA were being met with laughter and there was a deathmarch just to keep the core network up. *.intel.com even went down at one point.

Comment Re:One man's loss... (Score 2) 272

In my case (as I posted above) my entire team was replaced by another team in a cheaper country to operate in with *friendlier* contract laws.
There are several tech employers that are big enough that they span multiple Geos, so they are using this as a way to shift costs out of the US and away from an increasingly unstable business/political climate here.

Comment Re:"IT" is on its way out (Score 1) 272

And when the company is big enough that it spans these GEOs you find things like what happened to me.
Intel slashed the lions share of its Chipset Firmware ME/CSME team in the US and moved the tech wholesale to Israel.
There were many on my team that said it wouldn't happen, couldn't happen; pointing at the crypto sourcecode as a prime example of what couldn't be moved outside the US.
Of course they neglected to realize that there is no law about re-implementing the same feature/API outside the US and making sure it works, then simply not exporting the source that's under ITAR and still shuttering the team.

The result was that in my local market Intel (and later another semi) sloughed off so many people that the tech market is over-saturated.

I'm a SW/FW dev with a specialty in test and validation. I know crypto, power management, etc. What am I doing now? Helpdesk; at least it's a job, with a chance to move laterally into testing at this company.

The one good thing is I went from being an insignificant cog in a machine (1/107000th or so of the company) to a company where everyone knows everyone else. I have meetings with the CEO that are meaningful. Even as helldesk I have input.


Comment Re:Synergy! Connectivization! Linkativity! (Score 1) 269

Right before I quit working for a particular manager at my former employer (who liked to have people track their time in stupid increments, and expected your tracked time to == 8+ hrs) I started entering my time spent tracking my time spent tracking my time spent taking a dump; and other assorted bits. Hilarity ensued when he used *MY* entries in a staff meeting as an example to other employees as a model of using the system accurately.

Now, my PHB was old world Chinese and had the combo of "Better than the proles" attitude coupled with the "literal engrish translator" in his head.
I took advantage of this, so my entries were things like:

6m removal of organic material from work area
6m timekeeping balancing
30m foo (real work)
30m bar (real work)
12m timekeeping entry and value balancing
24m research of syntax and lexical scope for data entry deliverables
6m paging in component data for analog photonic review (the boss is coming signal)

The murmur of suppressed laughter was awesome.
Happily I don't work for that prick anymore. No one I know does either anymore. Turnover was in the 50% /yr territory.

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