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Comment Re:ads on youtube (Score 1) 160

The ones that really get me are the Tyler Oakley ones with that irritating chirpy voice and oh-so-punchable face. I only seem to get them when I'm using 3G/4G but happily enough when I use the skip button on my car's steering wheel I can skip them entirely.

If that guy is the face of new media I want no part of it. He has the bearing of a children's TV presenter, which must explain why Disney are so keen.

Comment Re: the real reason theyre arguing it. (Score 1) 310

I still have one of those, and a T39 (a much better phone). The drawback of making it so thin was that most of the working parts ended up crammed up at the top. It may be because of this, or for another design decision, that there was no room for an internal antenna so the T28 had a huge (even by the standards of the time) antenna sticking out of the top.

Still it was a really solid phone. Battery life wasn't great, unsurprisingly given the tiny battery, and the software was slow but they were quite clever in making the best use out of a three line display and that huge antenna made for good call quality.

The fact remains that you could stack two or even perhaps three iPhones and still be thinner than the T28. I'm not saying this is good or bad but if nothing else it's food for thought on how far the technology has progressed.

Comment Re: the real reason theyre arguing it. (Score 1) 310

So how did Nokia candy bar phones with their black and white screens, ugly (by todays "standards") cases, and thick dimentions sell so well in 2002?

Because there wasn't anything else. Obviously. When the 8210 was released they couldn't sell them fast enough, and the USP of that model was... you guessed it, size. Same thing with the Motorola v66.

Comment Re:A website that can be edited by anyone (Score 2) 405

[Wikipedia] has a proven track record of demonstrably false articles messed up by random people.

The Mail has a similar track record intentionally created by a handful of deliberately chosen people and it's on paper which means, for reasons I don't understand, makes it more credible for most people.

Guess which one I think is worse.

Comment They're missing the point. (Score 4, Informative) 75

Actually getting on the train isn't where people waste time. It takes ten times as long to find the ticket you need to buy from the dozen or so alternatives with slightly different names and wildly diverging prices (that are all nevertheless exorbitant) as it does to walk through an automated barrier.

I had to travel from one end of the UK to the other recently and - this still baffles me - it would have cost about a third as much to fly from Newcastle via Paris to Exeter then back again than it would to get an off-peak return ticket for the train. I'd have probably had more leg room to boot. If I still had a passport I'd have been very tempted to accidentally miss my connecting flight. Think about that for a second... an international flight was significantly cheaper and only marginally longer than taking the train. Something about that just seems fundamentally broken.

And yet, after all this, one still has to have the train actually turn up; in the case of Southern Rail this is not a safe bet. If - and that's a big if - this ticketing system reduces the prices then I'll give it a try but the train companies do not have a good track record (sorry!) when it comes to refraining from bleeding their customers dry. Something similar already works quite well on buses and the Tube so who knows? I'll try to contain my amazement when the whole thing falls flat on its face and people go back to having to use price comparison websites to find a ticket without needing a mortgage to pay for the blasted thing.

Comment Re:ICE (Score 1) 124

There's more than just the fuel. I'm not saying the comparison is correct, but you need to account for things like the engine as well. Electric cars have motors instead of an engine, but they are much smaller as well as lighter than an ICE engine and a lot of the ancillaries (alternator, radiator, braking system etc.) can be reduced in size or removed entirely in an electric.

Comment Re:Not a chance in hell (Score 1) 381

Most of these jobs will be construction work actually building the plant. Many of those will be workers who already have a job in construction but now have a juicy contract to look forward to, and the remainder will be labourers whose jobs will only last until the plant is finished. Throw in a handful further up and down the supply chains if you're feeling generous.

Job creation figures are the last statistics that one should be taking at face value.

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