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Comment Re:FPGA (Score 1) 121

~£28, it would be interesting to know from someone experienced in this level of hardware how low the cost could be driven down by selecting an appropriate size FPGA based on the HDL and low frequencies those chips ran on the NES.

Check out the MIST FPGA and Zx-Uno projects.

Both have an open-source NES core supporting many games (forks of the same original project). They are more expensive than the NES mini, the ZxUno at 70 euros (without case nor VGA adapter), and the MiST at 200 euros with a case [but bigger FPGA = supports more systems such as Atari and Amiga]. There are a couple of gotchas though: neither connects to carts (they could in theory, but the focus was to make them generic so they use SD cards), and more importantly neither has HDMI. That isn't a huge problem but you could expect a slightly higher price to add the necessary parts.

TL;DR the solutions exist, price could be made comparable but probably they can't be bothered to find a hardware guru to do it.

Comment Make it interactive (Score 2) 133

Just take a few big strokes from other computer museums and make most displays as interactive as possible. Obviously talk about video games too. Throw in some robot programming workshops with mini robots doing stuff in an arena for a few minutes. Offer free apps for kids to take away some concepts and continue at home.

Comment Re:Games were the death of programming (Score 2) 110

You can get stickers for a USB keyboard... it's not the same as the real rubber keys, but at least the solution is future-proof in that it is inexpensive to re-print.
Combine this with a system re-implementation (FPGA or dedicated SoC) and the experience should be very close to the original compared to emulators (instant on, no lag, etc.).

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