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Comment Really versatile (Score 1) 473

Shows how Linux can change to make people more comfortable with it

Now, Lets see windows with the look and feel of my Awesome Window Manager (Dynamic Window Manager). Maybe then I wouldn't feel sick to my stomach everytime I work with windows.

Comment Re:As a long time user of 3.7a (Score 1) 366

I agree with the statement that Simplicity and speed should always be priority #1. I have switched browsers frequently through the years and always for the same reason. A browser that was faster and whose main goal was to display HTML pages.

I moved to Phoenix because its start time was low and it was simple. At one point I even used the Java Web Browser for the same reason.

However, Firefox has become slower over time. This prompted my switch to chrome. I am sure that I will switch again when chrome becomes too slow (Uzbl or Surf look good)

It would be nice to see Firefox return to its roots.

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