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Comment More the reason (Score 1) 660

This is the very same reason why unqualified H1-B people should not be let slide in. H1-B is designated to augment where the trained workforce is not avvailable, not to import cheap labor, train them and send them back to their homeland to compete against the US workers. Abolishing H1-B is counter productive as US can not be expected to have highly trained workforce in every possible scientific discipline, but importing candidates for managing Windows servers is just wrong.

Comment What kind of a labor shortage we are talking about (Score 0) 477

I mean, since when cutting and pasting code from a code base and creating a sub-par application is called skilled labor ? Has anyone ever worked with so called wonderful java code that one of these H1B abusing Indian companies' employees produced ? I personally did. One of my old employers had a team of Indian "Java programmers" As a sysadmin, I had to talk to them daily to inform them about problems we were encountering daily. And the solution was to copy another piece of code from a screen and paste it into their source code and compile it and hand it out to me to test again. No optimization , no garbage collection or nothing like that. I know a few people who barely graduated high school and can do a job like that. You don't need no stinkin' (and I mean it figuratively and literally together if you can catch my drift) H1B abusing Indians to do that ? When someone has the title of "Programmer" I expect them to know how to actually write efficient code, not copy someone else's work and hope for the best. Not the way it should be, but according to these H1B abuser outfits, US needs this kind of workers from India. Pfffft... I don't think so. They can now go home, roll up the java code they wrote printed on rough paper and shove it up where sun never shines.

Comment Self serving anyone ? (Score 5, Insightful) 477

"unfairly target some of its members" ??? Are they kidding ? What about their sham operations unfairly replacing American workers ? And "it will not solve US Labor shortage" ?? Again which labor shortage ? The one where people refuse to work for poverty range salaries, whereas the 4 Indians crammed into a one bedroom apartment sharing one car, making 40% less than the American worker they are replacing ? That is not called a labor shortage. It is called slave driving. All those infosys, tata, wipro, etc companies can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

Comment Wasn't it supposed to be that way ? (Score 2) 834

I mean wasn't the existing American workers would be given priority and in the case that no one has been found in a certain time like 3 weeks or so, then the position would be open to H1B wrkers. At least this is what I remember from my H1B days back about 20 years ago. But I know these indian a-hole companies, one of which was my visa sponsor and their recruitment ad was a page of incomprehensible goobledy-gook about my position , posted on an obscure bulletin board where I worked. At the time, the high school grad, so called sysadmins were turning their nose down to salaries I have been given and there was no word about recession. So, I did not think too much ab out it. Once I was on my way to my green card, thru marriage (and not a sham one if you have to ask) when I lost my job at the 2001 dot com bust, I realized what a peon I had been first time around. Nowadays, H1B is another way of saying cheap labor. At least at the time I was hired, I was being paid a market average salary. Now, I know Indian workers in So Cal, making 2/3 of what I was making in the same position and I was barely making the ends meet. T hey obviously were living in below standard levels. I do not have anything against these people as long as they are getting paid a salary as good as an american worker gets but companies undercutting the American workers by offering headcount 10-20-30% less than an their American equivalents is a sham, from which ever point you look at. Hence F*** Zuckerberg,, F*** Nadella, F*** Pichai and all their cohorts. Do not use these visas for things they are not introduced for. Taxpayers are not supposed to pay fr your way to the top. You are running a business. Bear the expenses like any smaller company does..

Comment Maybe, just May Be... (Score 1) 332

... if a small percentage of those who are contemplating to emigrate to Canada, go ahead and actually do this, I think this country would be better off. But, keep in mind, no backsies. Really, as an immigrant to Canada in a far far away time in my life, I remember the ordeal and under no circumstance, I would want to go back and live in a socialist world. Yet again I am living in California, the state as communist as it can get in the union, I know, it is not saying much. For the god's sake, think once what the voters have said, by rejecting Clinton before thinking about the worst outcome. This is not an approval of Trump. This is a rage against the last 8 years of ripping the country apart and what it stood for during the Obama administration and Ms Clinton, did not say anything different than keeping the status quo. American people, especially the ones outside the Silicon Valley echo chamber are fed up with this bullshit. May be trying a new approach is what was needed. After all, you have to endure it for no more than 4 years. We have endured do-nothing Obama administration for 8 years. We can do 4 if Trump turns out to be the worst pres ever. Anyone remember Jimmy Carter ??

Comment Last sentence sums it up very well. (Score 1) 2837

" was a decisive demonstration of power by a largely overlooked coalition of mostly blue-collar white and working-class voters who felt that the promise of the United States had slipped their grasp amid decades of globalization and multiculturalism." This is what Clinton propaganda machine was not able to refute and skew obviously. Not that I am happy with the choice as president, even though I voted for him, he is the lesser of evil in today's political environment.

Comment Gimme free data. Yeah right ! (Score 2, Interesting) 57

Glassdoor shows no effort for research. If you want to know what you are worth, first you need to tell them about yourself to great extents, which in turn will be shown to others like you as their earning potential. I refuse to provide free data, to those who will turn around and make a profit out of it. And the audacity of these people, when you ask them "what's in it for me ?" their answer almost always is, "you are helping your fellow colleagues" without mentioning, you are providing data to us, which we package and sell for razor sharp targeted advertising. Go pound sand glassdoor.

Comment Re:really? (Score 2) 813

I just saw this in the captiva screen they have in our office building elevators: more than half the US millenials who have bank accounts, have less than $1000 in their savings account, as in emergency funds. To top it off, close to 1/3 of those people do not have a red penny saved. This is what you get by raising sheep by instant gratification, telling them, "Don't worry, government has your back" And we see the government who has your back in people like Diane Fu(%stein idiot, whose main purpose for being in senate is to get re-elected, not representing her constituents. Vote liberal you idiot millenials.

Comment Re:Go on strike? (Score 1) 813

Yeah... herding cats is another possibility but nobody is trying that either. IT workers are extremely independent and do not give in for unions, and for a good reason. Strike requires a collective effort. 2 people going on stike is just another name for they quit their jobs, especially in "employment-at-will" states. The reason why IT workers are ot revolting is, they are able to find new jobs and busy learning the requirements of the new gig, instead of mounting a campaign against the political machine, unlike the state workers and federal employees, who do nothing but push paper and pencil.

Comment Where does Legere thinks he is living ? (Score 1) 196

He says stupid shit like it is $40 per line, referring to 70+50+20+20 dollars pricing for a 4 member family plan. The people with 2 kids hardly have any time to answer a call, let alone binge watching netflix or playing games on their phones. The people who do that stuff is either a single person with not much to do, or a newly coupled quasi-family, whose main line of entertainment is watching movies and other stuff off the net. Legere is making baseless assumptions. My MetroPCS $60/month unlimited plan is $10 beeter than TMO's $70 plan for a single phone plan. And they use the same fricken network.

Comment They won't say why, because... (Score 1) 270

Because they are bunch of liberal ninnies, invested in electing sHillary at all costs. Dissemination of these emails would hinder their efforts. Why is everyone so surprised that a bunch of Bay Area socialists are protecting their own kind by all means possible ? Why is this news ? Why are you expecting equality and balance from a walled garden, where the wardens have the last word ? why-why-why ?

Comment And we all believe this BS ? Yeah, right ... (Score 2) 65

I take Hypponen as a credible security expert but I thing he went to the deep end to keep his name in the news. First off, if this fortune 500 company is not one of the new inductees to the list from mainland China or some equivalent 3rd world country, I do not believe, they would risk anything like that. Right behind that reasoning, I can see the cryptolocker pirates wanting to make a name for themselves and announce that they are doing this on behalf of this or that corporation. It sure gives them some clout but at the end, it is just their BS. Nothing more. Unless Hypponen has a smoking gun and wants to come out and let the world know this is actually the case, I will keep my skeptic hat on.

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