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Comment Re:Don't buy a smart TV (Score 1) 161

And if there is some dumb arse in an apartment nearby that has an open and unsecured wifi access point?

And lets not forget the possibility that these devices are just passively scanning wifi nets and running basic cracking techniques against secured spots. Dictionary scans, then trying keys with a-z, A-Z and then harder keys. They can keeps this up the entire time it's in standby mode. The device just sits there.

Now, if they would just mine bitcoins passively and with low power consumption, they would actually be useful.

Comment Re:Domain expertise (Score 1) 194

For a lot of people it is. For those who make their living doing IT it might seem rather straightforward but that's a tiny percentage of the population. Like any task that is outside your domain of

expertise even easy things can seem hard if you don't know enough to ask the right questions. And frankly even most IT pros really aren't experts in security despite what they might tell you.

Standard programmer debug technique seems to be
- Turn off local firewall,
- Give everyone/world admin rights,
- Open Windows Share to "World/Everyone" (and cat, and dog), with Full access,
- Turn off UAC, and
- Request Administrator/root/QSECOFR password.

And they seem to be regarded as the security experts by non-IT. Infrastructure/Security/Compliance teams be damned!

Comment Re:Electric cars won't take off (Score 2) 174

Those that have 100km driveways number in the small hundreds. EV are probably not for them. A small 2 or 4 seater plane is.

What proportion of the population live within 100km of Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne CBD? Around 80% of the population. Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world.

EV makes most sense for those within 100km of a reasonable population centre, with a commute of ca 100km or less. And that is a helluva lots of people. For everyone else there is dead-dinosaur based fuel.

I don't have a car at the moment, but do have a ebike and a petrol guzzling noisy hog for the weekends. However, I am looking very seriously at a Tesla model S. Having driven the currently models more than once, I think it would fit the bil nicely. Even if it cost a few dollars to "fill the tank".

Comment If you must ... (Score 1) 152

1 - Don't use the stupid shit. However, if you think you must use it:
2 - Use a good ad blocker. Of course, this will be a cat and mouse game between the ad company (Facebook) and the ad-blockers (various).
3 - Use firefox and a little "about:config" followed by search for "autoplay". Until you land on "media.autoplay.enabled" and set the boolean value to false. Good for all sorts of crap websites that want to autoplay videos on you.

You're welcome.

Comment Re: Oh, the irony! (Score 1) 207

You're free to dissent as long as:
- You don't actually represent any real threat to "The Powers That Be". The moment you become effective you'll be shutdown real fast.
- You're not one of the "unapproved" minorities. This differs from country to country. But can be just being gay, black, indigenous, poor, having a different world view.
- Your being missing will be noticed. And even then that might not be enough. The disinformation campaign about you personally (character assassination) will start just before (1) unfortunate car accident, (2) Strontium meal or (3) falling off a boat at sea.

It won't matter if you live in 5 eyes country, 14 eyes country, Putin-empire, Chinese-empire, or any other state.

The only space you own is in your skull.

Comment Re:What if we make them legally responsible for bu (Score 2) 126

All that corporate resource and yet, won't release an Java MSI installer without paying for a support contract. Of course, support contracts for anything touching Oracle involve sums of money usually reserved for oil rich middle eastern nations.

I know one can extract the hidden MSI inside the EXE file. However, frequency of updates and the non-trivial upgrade procedure in controlled/locked-down corporate environments means a lot of businesses are more exposed than they should be.

Die Java, Die. (And I'm not say "The Java, The" in German).

Comment Re: Welcome to the Group! (Score 2) 198

100% Agree. EA is my new job.

I have access to a test lab. And when implementing things. And I can see all consoles/monitors. But I can't touch anything.

My new team will give me access at the drop of a hat by adding me to appropriate groups, if they feel I can help fight big ugly problems.. But this doesn't happen once a day, nor even once a month.

Comment Re:Sexist thermometer - cube farms to blame. (Score 1) 388

If you feel suitably qualified, simply remove the battery (if remote controlled) or a connecting wire from the the controller.

My anectodotal evidence is that woman will invariably feel coder. I'm fine with heat, just don't like humidity. So even a quick blast in a sealed hotel room to scrub the air, will have my GF complaining in about 2 minutes.

The one woman in our IT department (of 12) will wear thin and skimpy, but will then (1) complain it is too cold when the temperature drops to just below the point of paper catching alight, and (2) start her own heater in the winter, thereby stopping the heating coming on for anyone else. She is always first in the office.

Actually, the problems is not if it too hot or too cold, or if the XX chromosomes feel it more or less than the XY chromosomes, it's GIVE MY A F$@3cking office of my own and I'll control the heating or cooling in the office. Open Plan office suck for physical and mental health and getting any real work done.

Comment Re:An aid or a barrier? (Score 1) 110

Rarely, if ever, does an IT department have what might be called an Engineering or a Projects department.

There are normally more than enough break-fix type tickets from EVERY department to cover all the permanent staff. Plus there is stuff like compliance, routine maintenance, etc that outsiders never see but eat away so much time. And then various managers (1) cut the IT budgets so tools and resources are taken away while (2) complaining that IT isn't agile and responsive enough.

Speak to the IT manager. Pay for dedicated resources within the IT department. I'm sure a competent IT manager would be ready to oblige. Remember your cheque book.

(All spelling mistakes due to too small a monitor running on too few coffees today).

Comment Re:Like increasingly often, the real question begs (Score 1) 153

I guess now, short of plastic surgery every other day, there is nothing standing in the way of a totalitarian state - everywhere.

Nothing you do out side of your home is private and anonymous. Every thing you say or do will can be used against you.

Because, you know, no one wants/is able to police the police.

Comment Re:Toolbar-free download location (Score 1) 79

Still wondering if they will be able to publicly release their java MSI package.

I know they have one, because I see it on the downloads and support page for JDE E1. However I don't have access to the inner working of our corporate licence and work out if we are eligible to deploy it.

It would be possible just to download the MSI and deploy it. But Oracle do keep auditing us. So, better safe than sorry. (For various values of the word 'safe').

Comment Re:Told you so (Score 1, Insightful) 106

Really? US dollar? Swiss Franc is much more stable. Euro, is very spendable, mostly stable. Petro-Euro could easily replace Petro-Dollar (but ask Saddam Hussien how that turned out).

US Dollar is not worth its weight in paper.

China holds vast amount of US Dollars and the moment they decide to sell some or all of these, the currency will start to look like the Zimbabwe Dollar.

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